10 months ago​Southampton boss Hasenhuttl hails ‘amazing’ Gunn

first_imgAbout the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your say ​Southampton boss Hasenhuttl hails ‘amazing’ Gunnby Ansser Sadiq10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveSouthampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl was full of praise for his goalkeeper Angus Gunn.The 22-year-old got his first Premier League start in a tough away game against Chelsea.But he rose to the challenge, making several key saves to help his side earn a 0-0 draw.The Saints manager said after the game: “I think he did an amazing job.”He is a very offensive defending goalkeeper and that is what I need against a team that is always playing the chipped balls behind the last line.”I was aware of them and we knew that they have good deep runs and this ball is very hard to defend for centre backs so we need a keeper who is on the jump and defending forward, and there were a lot of situations where he saved the ball.”He is a very talented goalkeeper and I want to give him two games. This was the first and the second is against Derby County in the FA Cup.”I think he deserved to have a clean sheet.” last_img read more

10 months agoMan Utd players fly to Dubai for warm weather training

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man Utd players fly to Dubai for warm weather trainingby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United’s players have flown to Dubai for warm weather training.United beat Reading 2-0 in the FA Cup on Saturday afternoon to seal their spot in the fourth round draw.The squad headed straight to Manchester Airport after the game as they look to recharge their batteries ahead of their crunch clash with Tottenham next Sunday.Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: “I’ve got to know everyone and had plenty of time to speak with them, but not much time to train.“So if any of the players think it’s a holiday, they’re wrong. We’re there to stick together and to work hard on the physical part of it ahead of the Tottenham game.” last_img read more

ESPN’s Bill Simmons Rips Dick Vitale, Calls Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim A “Disgraced College Coach”

first_imgBill Simmons in the Grantland studio.Jim Boeheim held a press conference this morning following the news that he will be retiring as Syracuse’s men’s basketball coach in three years. The decision to retire comes roughly two weeks after the NCAA hammered the Orange with vacated wins, scholarship reductions and a nine-game suspension for the 70-year-old coach. After the press conference, ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale went on SportsCenter. Vitale, who is notorious for being unable to criticize elite coaches, said the only thing Boeheim did wrong was putting his trust in the wrong people. “Jim Boeheim didn’t cheat. He’s guilty of one thing, trust,” Vitale said.This seems to irk ESPN’s Bill Simmons the wrong way, as he ripped Vitale and Boeheim with a series of tweets. The Jim Boeheim situation is high comedy. “I’m sorry we cheated so many times… as a punishment, I’m retiring 3 years from now.”— Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) March 19, 2015You know what high school hoop stars love more than anything? A disgraced college coach in 3-year limbo. Should work out great for Cuse.— Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) March 19, 2015Dick Vitale just cleared it up for us – Jim Boeheim is NOT a cheater. He just trusted the wrong people. Why didn’t Nixon use this defense?— Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) March 19, 2015Don’t get suspended, Bill.last_img read more

Famed Connecticut herbalists widower ordered off farm

first_imgCOVENTRY, Conn. — Since the death of famed herbalist Adelma Grenier Simmons, her Connecticut farm that once drew visitors by the busload has fallen into disrepair, with green tarps covering parts of the roof on the 18th century house and the perennial gardens overgrown.Her estate faults her widower, Edward Cook, who is now fighting a judge’s order to vacate the farm in Coventry by Sunday.“I think it’s a tragedy,” said Cook, an 81-year-old science professor who denies the allegations against him.Simmons, who was credited with reintroducing and popularizing the use of herbs in American cooking in the mid-20th century, died in 1997 at age 93. A prolific author, Simmons published more than 50 books and pamphlets. Her “Herb Gardening in Five Seasons,” first published in 1964, is still considered to be the standard reference for herb farming.Visitors to her gardens were treated to “mystery” lunches made with herbs and edible flowers that she identified only after everyone was done eating. She envisioned her 62-acre (25-hectare) “Caprilands” farm in Coventry would be maintained after her death for the enjoyment of generations to come.A lawyer overseeing the estate argues that Cook has failed to maintain the farm and to adhere to the conditions in Simmons’ will, which called for the establishment of a charitable organization that would maintain it and run educational programs for the public there.Cook is urging a state judge in Rockville to extend the eviction date as he appeals the eviction order to the state Appellate Court. It’s not clear when the Appellate Court will rule. A court hearing in the eviction case was scheduled for Friday.Cook, who was married to Simmons for about four years when she died, bought a house in New Britain last year, so he is not in danger of being left homeless. He said he is at the farm daily to feed the animals, which include a flock of Scottish blackface sheep and a horse.The farmhouse is filled with Simmons’ belongings, including sets of china, furniture and books. There’s also water and ceiling damage in an adjoining greenhouse, which is now cluttered with car seats, wooden benches, tools and other items.Outside, some fencing has fallen. But Cook said the perennial herb gardens, although overgrown, remain intact.Cook’s current legal battles began in 2017 after a lawyer, George Purtill, was appointed to oversee Simmons’ estate. Since Purtill’s appointment, court rulings have removed Cook as executor of Simmons’ estate, terminated his lifetime tenancy rights, frozen $400,000 of his assets and ordered him evicted. Cook is appealing those decisions.Court records show Cook also faces more than $300,000 in contempt-of-court fines for failing to allow town officials to inspect the property. The fines are $1,000 per day and date back to December 2017.Cook said he did set up a non-profit group, Caprilands Institute, in 2007, but an agreement between it and trustees for the property has been elusive because of liability concerns among some of the group’s directors.He also believes his legal problems are part of a conspiracy to oust him and sell the property for a multimillion-dollar development, which Purtill denies. Cook said if he loses his appeals, he may file a lawsuit seeking millions of dollars in damages.“The intent is to destroy me so that they can get the property,” said Cook, who only described “they” as “any number of people.”Simmons’ grandson, Nelson Simmons, who lives in upstate New York, said he is hopeful the property can be restored after the court cases are settled.“Her legacy was the herb gardens, the lecture hall, promoting the legends and the stories of the herbs,” he said. “That’s what’s been lost is her legacy. I think everybody’s hearts are in the right place. Everyone I talk to speaks highly of Caprilands and restoring its grandeur. Just getting to that point seems to be a difficult path.”Dave Collins, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Some Charlie Lake residents feel forced to accept zoning change

first_imgFrom that petition, 127 were in favour of rezoning the property from residential to commercial.Then on October 26, 2018, Florian Schwarz wrote a letter to the residents of the Ben Jensen Subdivision stating that if he was unsuccessful in rezoning the 27-acre property for commercial use. He informed them that since commercial zoning was no longer an option, he would be converting the property to agricultural use for a farm of 200-300 swine.Since the release of that letter, a number of residents have written letters in favour of the rezoning of the property to commercial use, rather than allowing for the now proposed swine farm.At the hearing, Schwarz presented to Regional District Chair, Brad Sperling, his vision for the property if it were to go ahead as a commercial zone. North Peace Fringe Area Official Community Plan By-law No. 1870, 2009 (Map 3). Source PRRDOriginally, the Schwarz’s submitted a formal application to the PRRD in 2013 looking to rezone the property from residential to commercial.Since then a number of hearings and considerations have been held by the Regional District as there has been a large public interest in the matter since the submission.In 2012, prior to the application submission, a petition was conducted to see if residents of Charlie Lake were opposed to the rezoning.From that petition, 81 residents were opposed to the rezoning of the land.In 2014, a petition was conducted to see who was in favour of the rezoning. “Our vision of this property is to supply local and travelling public with key services. Supplying key local jobs for locals by locals. These local services will cut down on unnecessary travel to Fort St. John and help reduce our carbon footprint., all the while adding to the tax base in this Region for projects like trail systems, parks, recreation, general public services, and future development.”Some residents, that want neither option to happen, now feel forced to pick between the commercial zone or the swine farm.During comments from the public, one concerned resident questioned the validity of the letters of support as they were sent to Schwarz before being received by the Regional District.“My concern with this is, is that all of these letters attached are in approval but they weren’t sent to the PRRD directly, they were sent through a mailbox that appears to be owned by the Schwarz’s. We don’t know what the original text said, they could have been edited and the people replying, in these positive letters, are not stating where they live or who they are.”Another resident even called Schwarz’s decisions as a form of bullying.“The biggest concern that I have is the tactics used. In the movies we see people threaten people with something extremely negative if they don’t accept their plans for commercial increase in an area. I’m quite shocked, actually, and I have to say that the residents that I’ve seen opposed to it have been very professional and proper online, which is someplace where the Nation’s people are the biggest jerks. I’ve seen a lot of respect be paid regardless of the anger and negativity that has happened on all sides… We can talk about C-2 Commercial Zoning and, yeah, that may not have a negative impact but the other side of this is we get a couple hundred head of pigs. So everyone in the Charlie Lake area is going to smell pig crap because somebody is upset that they didn’t get what they wanted. All we are doing is saying, “hey as long as we have something worse than that, that’s is even going to make people worse off, that’s okay”. I have to teach my kids, and they have anti-bullying days at school and they wear pink shirts, so what does it make it okay for adults to do the same thing? We’re not just talking about bullying that can be dealt with, we’re talking about bullying to do something that’s going to affect us for the rest of our time.”The Regional District Board will further review the matter of rezoning and will provide an update at a later date.The full Public Hearing Agenda can be found on the Regional District’s website.center_img CHARLIE LAKE, B.C. – The Peace River Regional District held a Public Hearing on January 29 in regards to a Proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw.Landowners, Florian and Kimberley Schwarz, are seeking to rezone a 27-acre parcel of land from Residential Zone to General Commercial Zone.The property of discussion is a 27-acre triangular shape, located north of the Ben Jensen Subdivision, that has three-quarters of a kilometre of Alaska Highway frontage.last_img read more

Tipu Sultans silvermounted gun fetches 60000 pounds at UK auction

first_imgLondon: A collection of rare artefacts discovered by a couple after years of lying wrapped up in their attic in the English county of Berkshire and evaluated as items from Tipu Sultan’s armoury was auctioned for around 107,000 pounds. The highlight lot, a silver-mounted 20-bore flintlock gun and bayonet from the personal armoury of the last ruler of Mysore, proved hugely popular as it attracted 14 bids before going under the hammer for 60,000 pounds. “Unlike other Tipu Sultan guns this one exhibits clear signs of having been badly damaged in its past…rather than being taken directly from the rack after the fall of Seringapatam it appears to have been collected from the battlefield,” the lot description notes. The other highlight lot, a gold-encrusted sword and suspension belt ensemble believed to be one of Tipu Sultan’s personal swords, attracted as many as 58 bids before being sold to the winning bidder for 18,500 pounds. The two centrepieces formed part of a collection of eight items brought back by Major Thomas Hart of the East India Company after the Tiger of Mysore’s defeat at Seringapatam in 1799. Alongside the arms, an intricately designed Betel Nut Casket (17,500 pounds) and a Gold East India Company Seal ring (2,800 pounds) belonging to Major Hart, believed to have passed down generations before landing in the hands of the current owners, were among the other big sellers of Tuesday’s sale. Berkshire-based Antony Cribb Ltd auctioneers, who specialise in arms and armoury related sales, had announced the auction following the “exciting discovery” earlier this year and said that majority of the buyer interest had come from Indians based in India. The Indian High Commission in London was made aware of the artefacts by the India Pride Project, a worldwide volunteer network set up to track “India’s stolen heritage”, and attempted to convince the auction house to consider voluntarily restoring the items to India. The India Pride Project, which was instrumental in the restitution of a 12th century Buddha statue stolen from Nalanda in Bihar last year via the Indian High Commission in London, said it would continue lobbying for such artefacts to find their way back to India. “You haven’t really decolonised a nation, unless you’ve given back what’s theirs,” said Anuraag Saxena, founder of the India Pride Project. However, the auction house insisted that no laws were being broken and also confirmed that the beneficiary family had decided to make a sizeable donation to a school in India from the money generated from the auction. “The family is not motivated by money and sincerely hope these items find their way back to India, maybe to a museum, for future generations to have access to it,” said Antony Cribb of the auction house. The latest cache of Tipu Sultan related artefacts, which included three further swords from the ruler’s armoury and a lacquered leather shield, was described as special because of its rare discovery under one roof after nearly 220 years. The items bore the trademark tiger and tiger stripes associated with the Tiger of Mysore as proof of their provenance. The lots came to light in January this year when the couple who made the discovery of this innocuous family heirloom contacted Antony Cribb Ltd about a sword they had in their attic. After an evaluation, a gold “Haider” symbol found on the sword confirmed that the sword belonged Haider Ali Khan Tipu Sultan’s father. The three other swords bearing similar gold markings were found soon after, along with the other items.last_img read more

Rafale SC allows use of leaked documents dismisses Centres objections

first_imgNew Delhi: In a setback to the Centre, the Supreme Court Wednesday allowed leaked documents to be relied upon by petitioners seeking review of its Rafale judgement and dismissed the government’s preliminary objections claiming “privilege” over them. The Centre had submitted that privilege documents were procured by petitioners in an illegal way and used to support their review petitions against the December 14, 2018 judgement of the apex court dismissing all pleas challenging procurement of 36 Rafale fighter jets from France. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details “We dismiss the preliminary objection raised by Union of India questioning the maintainability of the review petition,” a bench comprising Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices S K Kaul and K M Joseph said. The apex court said it will go ahead with the hearing on the review petition on the basis of new documents referred by petitioners. The CJI pronounced the verdict on his behalf and for Justice S K Kaul. The second concurrent judgment was pronounced by Justice K M Joseph, who said he agreed with the conclusion of the judgment written by the CJI. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday The chief justice said Justice Joseph agreed with the judgment delivered by him but gave different reasoning. The judgment makes it clear that during the hearing of the review petition the bench will look into not only the question of pricing of the jet but also selection of Indian offset partner of Dassault which manufactures Rafale. The top court said review petitions against its December 14 verdict dismissing all petitions against procurement of Rafale jets will be decided on merits. The apex court said it will fix a date for hearing review petitions. Former union minister Arun Shourie, who is one of the review petitioners, said he was delighted by the unanimous verdict. “We are delighted it is an unanimous verdict dismissing Central government’s peculiar argument on admissibility of documents. Centre’s argument meant that no wrong can be done in the defence deal,” Shourie said. The other two petitioners are former union minister Yashwant Sinha and activist advocate Prashant Bhushan. On March 14, the apex court had reserved verdict on the preliminary objections raised by the Centre on admissibility of privileged documents annexed by Sinha, Shourie and Bhushan in their review petition. Classified documents were sourced by the media over the Rafale deal. Citing internal reports of the Defence Ministry, the Hindu had reported that the Defence Ministry had objected to parallel negotiations by the government. The Centre had claimed privilege over documents pertaining to the Rafale fighter jet deal with France and said those documents cannot be considered in evidence as per Section 123 of the Indian Evidence Act. The Centre had contended that no one can produce them in the court without the permission of the department concerned as those documents are also protected under the Official Secrets Act and their disclosure is exempted under the Right to Information Act as per Section 8(1)(a). A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi had on December 14 dismissed all Public Interest Litigations (PILs) against the deal between India and France for procurement of 36 Rafale fighter jets, saying there was no occasion to “really doubt the decision making process” warranting setting aside of the contract. The Rafale fighter is a twin-engine Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) manufactured by French aerospace company Dassault Aviation.last_img read more

Senior infielder on the upswing after subpar session in 09

On April 25, third baseman Cory Rupert belted a pitch off Penn State pitcher Ryan Ignas over the left-field wall for a home run. Rupert’s long ball was one of six runs the Buckeyes scored in the loss, but it was also a snapshot of how Rupert does everything in his power to help his team win.Rupert, one of eight seniors on this year’s baseball team, is putting together his best campaign in his four-year career for the Scarlet and Gray. However, Rupert’s track has not always been easy, as he has weathered many highs and lows while playing for the Buckeyes.As a freshman, the Mansfield, Ohio, native instantly earned playing time at shortstop for the Buckeyes. Starting for a perennial Big Ten power would be nerve racking for any freshman, much less Rupert, who came from a high school with an enrollment of a little more than 800.“It was exciting and nerve racking at the same time, coming here as a freshman and being put at short,” Rupert said. “I just went out there and tried to help the team out as best I could.”Rupert handled the pressure well and had a great freshman season, which led to increased playing time during his sophomore campaign. In his second year in the program, he moved to third, where he made 39 starts for the Buckeyes.As a sophomore, Rupert was one of the Buckeyes’ most productive offensive players.However, as a junior, he was, in a sense, demoted, as his starts were reduced from 48 the previous year to 33. As the season wore on, his playing time continued to diminish, and his offense struggled accordingly.“It was definitely hard on me,” Rupert said. “I started the first 20-some games and after that I was pretty much a role guy from the dugout. It took a while getting used to. I’m not going to say I liked it. It was really tough. But when I got in there I tried to do the best I could.”Like any competitive athlete, Rupert wanted to be on the field helping his team but accepted his role and helped his team as much as possible from the sidelines when he wasn’t playing. He is described by his teammates and coaches as a great team player and a high-quality character. Those traits allowed Rupert to stay positive and fill in wherever needed.“Wherever the coaches want me to play, that’s fine with me. As long as I’m playing, I’m happy,” Rupert said. “I’m just out there to help the team. If I’m not playing that day I’ll be in the dugout cheering on my teammates.”Rupert returned for his senior season with a renewed vigor and has found himself back in the starting lineup for the Buckeyes. This season, the right-hander’s role has been reversed. He has developed into the everyday third baseman for the Buckeyes and has started all 12 conference games.Coach Bob Todd believes Rupert’s experience played a big role in his development.“One of the things for Cory Rupert is he really started to mature,” Todd said. “I think that there have been a lot of things he needed to do to kind of understand how to play the game a little better.”Rupert has certainly learned, as this season is by far his best at the plate. He has the highest on-base percentage on the team and the team’s second highest batting average.The third baseman credits his consistent playing time with his offensive explosion.“Last year I wasn’t in the lineup everyday,” Rupert said. “It’s kind of tough to get on a roll when you’re not playing everyday. And it’s my fourth year. Being a senior, I know what to expect now. Being in the lineup everyday and having the experience definitely helps.”If Rupert continues to be as productive as he has been this season, there’s no question he will be a mainstay for the Buckeyes at third base. He has reached base in all 25 of his starts this season and will look to continue that streak this week against foes Marshall and Michigan.“I’m glad to be back in the lineup everyday,” Rupert said. “I just go out there and do the best I can and hopefully I can stay in the lineup the rest of the year.” read more

Commentary William Buford proves against Michigan State hes key to Ohio States

William Buford, a senior guard on the Ohio State men’s basketball team, has had an inconsistent and frustrating career. This has been especially true since last year’s NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship tournament, which ended in a 60-62 loss to Kentucky, a game in which Buford only managed nine points, and missed a three-point shot with two seconds remaining while the team was only down two points, resulting in the team’s loss. The frustration has continued this season. OSU basketball suffered deja vu when Buford missed a 3-point shot against Indiana while the team was down two with nine seconds remaining, resulting in a loss. In February losses at home to Michigan State and on the road at Michigan, Buford only converted five of a combined 24 shot attempts for a total of 10 points. But while Buford’s inconsistent play has been a source of frustration for the Buckeyes, it is only because followers of OSU basketball realize how good the senior player can be. Buford has scored 20 or more points in ten games this season, including 21 points versus Florida, 20 points versus Duke, 21 points in a tough loss to Kansas, and 29 points to lead OSU to victory in a close three-point win against Purdue. Even with all of those performances taken into account, Buford had his best performance of not only his season, but his career, Sunday, leading the Buckeyes to a huge road victory over the Michigan State Spartans. Against the same team that held him to four points in Columbus, Buford had a great performance with a team-leading 25 points, converting eight of the 14 field goals he attempted. Most importantly, the same player who had fallen short two times previously, broke a 70-70 tie with a game-winning 2-point shot just inside the 3-point arc, with one second remaining. One second was not enough time for MSU to score again, and the Buckeyes came up with arguably their biggest win of the season. With the victory, the Buckeyes and Spartans finish the season in a three-way tie with Michigan for the Big Ten conference title. Not only do the Buckeyes now have a share of a regular-season conference title, but they go into the conference tournament with the best positive momentum they have had all season since their early-season win over Duke, which came more than three months ago on Nov. 29, 2011. All season, the Buckeyes have had a problem coming up with big shots when the score is tight at the end of the game. Buford, a senior playing in his final regular-season game of his college basketball career, finally proved that he can make a big shot to win a big game. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is known for close games, so if the Buckeyes are to make a run at a championship, they must have a player who can step up in a contest’s closing moments, assume a leadership role and hit a big shot in a clutch situation. It has seemed doubtful all season that Buford could be that guy, and given his inconsistency from game to game, he could very well perform poorly the next time the Buckeyes need him to step up. That said, Buford took over the game for OSU on Sunday on the road at MSU, their toughest test of the entire season, which gives reason for confidence that the senior may finally be ready to be the leader they need. March Madness has begun in college basketball, and if the Buckeyes are to finish stronger than they did last season, they need Buford to find consistency in his game, and continue his impressive play through the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments. read more

Dortmund confirm Lucien Favre as new manager

first_imgBorussia Dortmund have announced the appointment of Lucien Favre as their new manager on a contract until 2020The Swiss coach left Ligue 1 side Nice at the end of this season and has now been announced as Peter Stoger’s replacement at the Westfalenstadion.Favre has previously managed in the Bundesliga with the likes of Hertha Berlin and Borussia Monchengladbach.“We’ll now work together on the new team,” the 60-year-old told the club website.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“BVB is one of the most interesting clubs in Europe and I’m looking forward to returning to the Bundesliga, which I know extremely well and always kept an eye on during my two years in Nice.”Dortmund sports director Michael Zorc added: “The commitment of Lucien Favre as a coach is an important part of our fresh start in the sport this summer.“He has our high esteem for his professional qualities.”This managerial appointment is Dortmund third of the year after they fired Peter Bosz back in December.last_img read more