According to the traffic sources and the conversion rate to determine the site suitable for long or

with the large increase of Internet users, Internet sites also increased, many white-collar workers and students have joined the army of the Internet, more and more people in the face of the Internet site, web site operators also appeared more and more competitive, do the site is to make money, and now the site is likely to lose, lose, lose the time domain space, according to the the development trend of the Internet now, not all sites are suitable shots such as search keywords, the word "site", this kind of subject is not a personal webmaster can do it, so long in the website into the Internet industry site the first thing is to determine their own sites suitable for long term or master of words, so can the site title and description of Kung fu.

first, determine the industry category of the site

different industries have different practices, for example, you need to do is technology website, so the best words positioning technology website is associated with the technology, such as the construction of two divisions, two construction division examination network, two construction division of construction management and so on, but if you do want to place the website, then import traffic website will choose the words of local network, * * * * * * life network, from these points we can see different industry choice website keywords is certainly not the same, so webmaster friends in the first step is to analyze website traffic sources before the judgment of their own website industry category only a reasonable judgment on their website industry, so that it can provide power at the site of the future development of the road.

second, analyzing the strength and status of competitors

The degree of competition

competitors more of its website more, and want to introduce more your site traffic, so as a webmaster also need to own industry competition analysis, competitor analysis site title, description, in the comprehensive strength and status analysis of competitors, we use the electric heating clothes "" this word, for example, when we take the word in the search for electric heating, if you find the Baidu top five sites will be heating clothes this word came in front of the title, to observe these sites in the web site, if you find these sites basically every week to update the article, so that the main keywords as the subsequent site is basically impossible to overtake you in the search site; and the heating clothes well? Heating clothes price terms, if you find it Baidu included page, a few words in front of the top site the long tail word is not complete, so this kind of words is optional, so please note: in the choice of webmaster website traffic channel problem, webmaster friends also have to analyze strength and status of competitors.

third, analysis of the main keyword and long tail word development trend

in the industry are analyzed and the competition site, the subject and the long tail word you webmaster friends also have to industry analysis, through the comparison of the subject and the long term, judged both in the future development trend.

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