How to improve the weight of the website

Baidu weight refers to the relative weight of Google (PR) in terms of, as a page by users like a scoring standard. Google exit Chinese Baidu arena, according to statistics, a tiger with wings added, Baidu search engine users covering 75% of Internet users, Google is only 5%, the other part of the search, Youdao occupy. For example, the search engine in the Baidu search for a keyword, such as electric door electric retractable door, you will find a phenomenon, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu ranking experience advantage, basically out of the top 10, these shows Baidu for their own products is very important, give high weight. Two years to share the webmaster experience to quickly improve the weight of the site:

one, website response speed and page quality

as a novice webmaster will certainly asked, the reaction speed and the quality of the site which will cause impact on the website? Is very simple, you make the website not to enjoy ourselves, is to allow more users to browse to your website, in addition to life thinking of Internet users, also have Baidu spider robot SEOER imagined to crawl your site, the spider will first find your site and other resources on the network, to check its repeatability, readability, and uniqueness etc.. If your site meets the requirements, the spider will love your site is included in the bag, every time you visit the website of this time, ordinary users can access your site through search engines, the premise is that once the spider find your website, the website can open normally and ensure a certain reaction rate, the spider can not so good patience to wait, like people, if you find a URL, click, a few minutes are not open, you will wait for him to open? Will leave a bad impression.

two, site layout

for the layout of the site TABLE and DIV+CSS technology, many people believe that the form of DIV+CSS is more conducive to SEO optimization. But in my view, this is not the point, because before doing a data portal on a trade portal ranking statistical analysis. There are several stations have no what code optimization, many are mixed in the form of TABLE+DIV, which included still normal, the reason I think is the code hierarchy problem, whether or not suitable for the spider crawling, you know, in reality it is the spider web spider. The center, when he found the net external prey, it will quickly to prey direction of the shortest distance, the fastest speed to capture prey. And the center of our website, just like the home page of our website, prey is like our end product, news detail page, etc.. Visitors also need to quickly locate their prey, not too much to find, it will harvest the goal. Apply to the website construction, should set a what kind of route is suitable, in this sum up 4 points:

1, site navigation,

as a webmaster, definitely read the station

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