6 tips for creating quality single page websites, designing ingenious, single page websites

no doubt, a single page website once favored. They are neither for personal use nor for commercial use. Once you design a single page website, it will bring you endless benefits. A good single page site no longer depends on the weight of its content, knowing that you have only one page of space to hold your point. So discard the outdated animation techniques as much as possible. In addition, most single page websites in their layout conform to no conventional pattern. To make a glance, while maintaining the layout of well-proportioned, this is really difficult ah!

The potential use of

‘s single page web site is eclectic. Some very popular single page websites are personal combinations, and some are for commercial use and are used to sell products or services.

if you really want to design an ingenious single page website, the following points will help you.

1. stay focused,

makes everything as simple as possible. If you have the potential to design a single page website, you really don’t need to emphasize the content of the site. Single page websites don’t care about a little bit of fur. They need to hit the mark. If you are a designer, consider a combination of design, not a thing of no great importance in the design, please focus on your.

, as much as possible to throw away the cumbersome sites, focus on the core of the site. This applies to any website, for many pages of the site, even in the content of some complicated, but also no harm. Because users usually find the information they want. Single page sites are desperate, and once users don’t find the information they want, they’re going to throw it away.


you know exactly what this commercial website is selling,




site is a perfect combination of

2. keeps a reasonably hierarchical structure

while maintaining visitors, a single page site should display your product or service. A good layout of the website helps to highlight the purpose of the site. As a designer, you need to have the ability to navigate and guide the user’s attention.

people will naturally focus on big things first, and then focus on small things. So make good use of this and focus on it.

has a rare opportunity to pass on information, so take good care of it. If you really need to publish a lot of web content, consider a multi page website,



although this site has a lot of attention, you can find the point

at a glance


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