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so many years to do a lot of station through many stations, there is the portal of the game have stock, also have to help a friend do SEO now switch to study English blog, or accumulated a lot of useful experience. The day before yesterday to see an American professional blogger, a year income can reach 5W. As for how to do well in English blogs, he mentioned some opinions that could be referred to. Let me summarize. Let’s share.

* a good corn:

first, your corn is better in mind, impressive, such as but such words like good corn is not much. But don’t forget we can be combined with digital letters, also can obtain good effect. For example, can also be connected with a lot of words. For example,, as long as you find, there must be corn.

for you

* interactive:

The more interaction

has with its readers, the more likely it is in a real way to make them pay attention to your blog.

* use quality title:

a lot about the effectiveness of the blog, the title of the quality of more and more attention and reference. In my mind, there is no doubt that the title is one of the most important links, especially for articles of the same quality. A good title is half done.

* sell yourself:

although some of us feel a bit awkward about self promotion, there is no doubt that this is a part of the promotion of new blogs. At the same time, to let your readers spread the news, you can not find these first readers without self promotion to help you spread the virus.

* knows and uses SEO:

SEO- how to get good search engine index and ranking, which is worth learning. Smart blogging, and keep some basic considerations: what you write is a blog that will bring big traffic long-term goals.

* clear design:

I don’t believe it’s a successful blog. You need to have a professional design cost. But it’s also important to have a clear design to convey what blogs do, and to have good navigation to attract readers.

will replace the portal in the future. People tend to be more professional blogs. Are you ready,


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