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pseudo original, that is, on the network of other articles, referring to their own site, combined with their own language and ideas made in disguise modification. Pseudo original means that the original second or N times modified reprint published. For example, modify the title, increase the abstract, reproduced incomplete content, remove articles, pictures, and even direct OEM sales.

1, the title of the article, the article title update information changes, for example: "colorful radio" and "environmental protection and long wave radio", the title of the modification, is very important to direct the first sight of the search engine, the need to pay attention to the title of the guiding skills.

2, keyword processing, before the anchor text has been mentioned, eye-catching text processing plus hyperlinks, the purpose of achieving link resources in the station, increase user experience.

The different needs of

3, the content of GOOGLE, more than 75% of the same article basically not included, that is to say, if we collect the content edited without adjustment, in addition to expand the site resources, bring the flow, at the same time we also can be in the background about whether we send someone over the click to view also, a standard retrieval we released the quality, the heavy quality, don’t pay too much attention to the number of articles.

the most important – the mentality of the grasp, the highest level of Web site, so that users forget to think, believe that your eyes in the world, must be different.

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