Through the Taobao model, internet education awareness or vertical

editor’s note: This article is written by blue pencil online digital art education founder Zhang Zongliang, micro-blog ID (@ blue pencil uncle). This article discusses the educational platform and vertical platform, good point, welcome Paizhuan:


as an online digital art education class of entrepreneurs, I think now the development trend of the education industry internet platform basically two categories: General Education and special education class subdivision platform platform.

general education platform features: curriculum covers a wide range of comprehensive and diverse. This area is a large capital competition field, almost no small and medium-sized entrepreneurial activities space. Similar cases such as "YY education", "ability sky", etc.

special segmentation education platform features: curriculum coverage, exclusive industry, curriculum content, professional and in-depth. More suitable for professional small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

according to our experience, in recent years, we are more optimistic about the "special type of subdivision education platform" prospects, as for the "general education platform", we believe that the next five years should not have a big breakthrough. Even the rise and perfection of "general education and large platform" requires the contribution of a large number of "special types of subdivided education platforms" and "institutions". The special education platform will act as a pacesetter.

industry of the two modes, we have the following analysis to

is, first of all, a large platform for general education. Such large platforms, because of the wide range of knowledge involved, support the platform and require huge content support. Therefore, this model is widely used in C2C mode. However, the C2C model because of course content providers required low threshold and complex, and teaching products after all has a professional and authoritative, so early to rely solely on the market screening mechanism of selected products is a long cycle, the two curriculum quality does not necessarily guarantee. But the quality of the course is directly linked to the needs of the users and the desire to buy, so the profitability of such a large platform will be a problem for a long time.

we think whether a product is valuable and whether it can achieve business profit should depend mainly on the market demand and the quality of the product. The market demand and product quality determine the willingness and strength of users’ payment, and decide the right of life and death. Therefore, we believe that in the Chinese industrial environment and the existing mechanism of "general education platform" is difficult to meet the market demand to provide mature products, at the same time, the market has not formed the platform for growth in the external environment, but also need at least 5-8 years of growth forecast. At the same time, the pure C2C model market screening process is also a painful process, especially for learners. In this process, there will be a dazzling quality of products, these products will always bring contradictions, impact on the quality of the brand platform. Probably good quality >

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