Sleepwalking for 20 years, finally woke up a confession of a non regular webmaster

first of all, I hope you can read this article, and maybe a little help for you too,

, 20, has blurred everything he has done over the years. Just remember that I’m still alive.

from childhood, I was not a law-abiding child, bad things done a lot. But also learned to cheat, cheat a lot of people, including relatives.

so we all feel very tired to grade 3 of junior high school, because I have bad company, finally out of trouble, first went to the Public Security Bureau in the evening, I think it is the longest night I spent the rest of life, only know that when the father came to my mind was a blank filled with regret, and tears also shed a lot, then the first time I realized that he was wrong.

‘s entry into the police station soon spread to the school. After being expelled from school, my father didn’t say anything, neither did he hit me, nor did he scold me. Instead, you tell me you have to choose your own path, you can learn by yourself, you can do other meaningful things, and you can say a lot about me. Really, I was really touched at that time, but I was only 15 years old. I was still confused.

After several days in

, I went to art school with an art teacher.

in the studio time, really is my life’s best time, because most of the time is a person I draw a picture in the studio, I am the only one, and the air is also very good, I made a point, do not feel tired, then the teacher said I am very talented, if to the development of art if I have a talent, I was silly smile, is


very soon, in September, schools are opening again.

is very funny, I should go to a school of mechanical and electrical professional occupation, when back to the artist and teacher to the rest of the time, the teacher said it is a pity, I really want to ask yourself to learn a professional love? I didn’t talk, just nodded.

specializes in mechanical and electrical studies. I could hardly learn anything, because I was not interested, so I spent some of my uncertain days.

one day, the school suddenly increased the optional course, I picked up the subject list, chose one subject randomly. I chose the flash animation at that time. Unexpectedly, an ordinary circle I drew on my list decided my current direction.

Flash animation learning, I came into contact with the school’s computer room, and know what is office automation, what is web production?.

FLASH because I do good, gradually also has the reputation of a back, a high I term students come to me to help him do a flash, the purpose is to make his personal homepage more vivid, so I went to open his personal home page read, I clearly remember id666 website homepage Service >

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