Webmaster, have you noticed your website registration process

webmaster, have you taken care of your website registration process,


for websites, whether you’re big enough to Sina or small to sesame paste. Users will always be your number one. A good user experience is the first element of your retention. And some web sites but users ignore, god horse platform, god horse super function, god horse mass resources are clouds. An egg pain registration on the user card outside the door. Where to use the big platform, how to experience super function, how to download vast amounts of resources?

below, please look at the picture.


what do you see? Time has wood, and domain name is wooden. Log in. There is wood to download.

all right, my egg hurts.

15:36 53 seconds, a guest from a Baidu search works (Deyunshe – watermargin). Wow, open the page, that’s what I want. Click the download button to download immediately. Throw, pop-up a prompt, need to log in, Khan, wooden account, click OK, back to the home page.

15.37.25, look for it, find registration, click registration, fill out the form. Sweat, which lasted 1’36" filled in the wrong. Go back to the front page.

15.39.29, click continue to register. Damn, finally sign up. Because it is Ajax (egg pain is the Ajax if calls, talent approach), step by step, carefully delayed, next to. Ajax no, no way to continue home page.

15.42.31, OK, prompt for email validation, click mail, and enter email verification. Click OK to jump to the login page.

15.44.09 login, entered the personal Center (Note: you want to enter the personal center, why, I was registered on the page of work)?.

15.44.21, well, I came to download resources, search keywords "Deyunshe Water Margin ‘wood to find the water margin.

15.45.26 is back to the mail verification. Finished, directly into the personal center.

15.45.46, under search, "outlaws of the marsh". Shit, I finally found it.

15.45.52, enter the water margin content page, download the works.

finished downloading a work and spent 10 minutes.

very painful registration process..

if you, you will spend so much experience in this thing? I think this user is still more patient. General download process is registered on the back, not to mention your bullshit so long. Even if he loves bullshit for so long, the next time he will come, he will remember you? I think it is very slim.

a good user experience >

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