What can we learn from the history of foreign trade providers

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when many domestic vertical electric providers also immersed in the shopping "price war" means to break through, the industry is still in the financing cycle development cycle – expansion – refinancing ", foreign trade business is in their own unique way of muffled coining.


recently, the Lanting Pavilion has been listed on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a listing application, intends to be listed on the U.S. stock exchange in June 6th, the stock code is "LITB"". Once the listing is successful, B2C will become the Lanting Pavilion in foreign trade business China company this year the United States listed first.

relative to the Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang and other domestic electricity supplier vertical, Lanting Pavilion set potential, Dunhuang network, Madeinchina.com, tradetang.com foreign trade business have become much more low-key. The blue ocean of any business is quickly dyed red once it is found, especially in China, so they do what they say is a big deal.


can be said that from 2006 to 2010 is the five year gold foreign trade business development, at this time the node was born in Lanting Pavilion in Milan, as potential tradetang.com network, such as a large number of foreign trade business. Throughout these years, foreign trade supplier development trajectory, you can roughly divide it into four stages.

in the first stage, some young people in early contact with e-commerce or Internet, inspired by Taobao or eBay, began to break through the existing domestic B2C or C2C thinking, began to try through eBay or Amazon platform, the direct sales of products Chinese to overseas consumers or overseas retailers.

They take advantage of

eBay platform flow, and the advantages of cheap goods Chinese to get orders, through the PayPal collection, from the wholesale market purchase and supply by EMS, DHL and other international express delivery of the goods directly to the hands of overseas customers.

the second stage, after some people see early foreign trade B2C profits, part of the entrepreneurial team or individual rapid accumulation of original capital, the upstream suppliers and downstream of the courier company gradually established the bargaining power, on the one hand along the industrial chain to the upper reaches of the climb, in order to obtain greater profit margins, on the other hand, the integration of more and more products.

This time

entrepreneurial team or group by technology oriented start-up stage, and gradually transformed into market orientation, the company’s resources to supply chain integration and tilt customer relationship management, and gradually evolved into a new foreign trade company. Typical representatives, such as Milan net, dealextreme, etc..

the third stage, with credit card transactions, large shipping as the main characteristics of the traditional foreign trade company, in the eyes of some small entrepreneurial team through online trading or retail quickly become bigger and stronger, some even create their own brands.

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