To the new webmaster and the friends who just stepped into the DC circle

2009 is a year of turmoil, so it is not used when the network, the Internet, the influx of a large number of small IDC, low price can not be lower, the price seems not to suppress opponents helpless to complete the matrix. This phenomenon really make people feel very sad, very poor, very sad, very funny, give people a taste of wits.

big price war brothers, can you think of a little higher IQ strategy ah, I thought that the Internet brothers are some peace, ordinary people are not the same place. At least will not use this price reduction of the lowest level of marketing. But this means not to hurt the opponent but hurt yourself, just think, who is your opponent? Are some of the big IDC, they have plenty of money, we compare it? And they burn? Burn it? This is in their hands. A large number of small IDC support can not go down, only the inverted copy. Wake up, my brothers, malicious price cuts are suicide!


brothers not only ask, do we really have no way to go? Weak small IDC only report the death? In fact, as long as love reading or had on the management experience of brothers, will certainly know examples in history of the The weak overcame the strong. beyond count. Careful analysis and study of the opponent’s weaknesses in where, the big space providers also have their inferiority style, and the disadvantage is much more than small space providers. To avoid the edge, looking for weaknesses, Jiqibuyi


analysis, they do not care about one or two small customers where they buy space for them is not much, a lot less, so it has fully exposed their weaknesses: diandaqike


analysis of two large space business, and is managed and rented server on the space of this money they don’t make no difference, so their customer service service is certainly not expected, a few will help you look at the program? There are a few carefully read your problem? They all treat you like to throw the ball as to throw a customer, buy a space for some users may often hear is "this is your space program, no problem". It also inadvertently gives us these little IDC people a space. Good after-sales service, and customers learn from each other, as friends get along.

analysis of three, perhaps a lot of brothers have had such experience, people’s big brand, the high point of the price on the high bar, so do not hesitate to buy, and later found cheated. Customer service service is poor, the space is not special, this is not to say, to second years but Mantianyaojia, you added or not added? Continued! Then you obediently pay more money in accordance with the provisions of the first year, the money to spit it out. Do not want to continue to transfer, you can, ah, you turn out the cost of how much, how much money can be transferred?. Why do you ask? Their answer is four words: the company rules". Just wait for the slaughter.

speaking of these, I think still find some relatively low prices, services are better in all aspects of small space providers are more cost-effective

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