Talk about how to give Google a high weight movie series two

a few days ago, I talked with you about the movie site, for Baidu layout and access to high weight, talk about how the movie site to give Baidu a high weight  . Today, how to get a high ranking on Google, we all know that Baidu traffic instability factors exist, and Google ranked after the flow is relatively stable. In fact, the difficulty of Google optimization is much larger than Baidu, today focuses on my optimization experience for Google.

is necessary to modify the program, which is similar to the last one, for example, the program template. The program structure should be changed as much as possible. The following details are given to optimize and modify in those areas.

Google search engine title title in particular, so title to meet the reading standards. As smooth as possible. Keywords don’t need too much, 2 enough, keywords in title, don’t take more than 3 times, and title no more than 32 words. In addition, title can be modified appropriately.

to choose a suitable place in the structure of the website in general layout keywords home page content heavy clothing 3-4 the best keywords need to master the distribution as keywords and website structure, I usually take a form to introduce language contains keywords do like this looks very good nature. External links to the new on-line movie site is very important, in the new station online early, it is best to find a few PR4-5 links to your station. The weight increase is obvious. External connections do not need to be too many times, then slowly increase, the purpose of doing so is to let the spider believe you more.

in fact, these things need to go their own practice. To consider their own. Others are talking about their own experience, may not be suitable for your station, only your own experience is the most important. My station is through such a very good ranking, I hope all of you help!


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