The biggest mistake in user operations do you think what you think is what users think

don’t impose your ideas on users, nor do you infer users with your own ideas. Don’t use your mind to understand users.

a lot of people when doing user operation, basically is to stay with the user no intention of the ditch through, mechanical to solve the user’s problems and become the user needs of the porter. If you do, then it’s destined to be a junior user operator. User operations are the hardest, most demanding, and challenging job of all operations.

, if you don’t like chatting with users,

if you think users are stupid,

, if you always think the user’s problem is wonderful,

if you don’t explore user behavior and psychological desires,

then you must not be user operated!

The key to

user operations is what mindset you use to deal with your users and what way you can get to know your users And a thorough understanding of the user must be based on your understanding of the user.

I, user mentality

1, don’t make users stupid, she’s just smart lazy

do business, do not use the user as a fool, that users do not understand anything, and blindly want to fool and routine users. In fact, users are not stupid, they are just smart lazy people, because users do not have so much time, not so much energy and patience. So we do in the process of user operations need to do: do not let me think, do not let me wait, do not let me bother.

(1) don’t make me think

users don’t have much time to study. Don’t always let users think about it. Many things are not easy for you to understand. You can understand them on behalf of users. To copy the literary talent flying, gorgeous text, but in gorgeous appearance, whether the user can understand your real intention?

takes a chestnut, and the activity in the following picture uses a cell phone with more than one screen, but still doesn’t see what this activity is going to do Tens of thousands of years, and the exhaustion of life for wayward prodigal none of my business, as a direct "100 pieces of spring flowers package free of charge, otherwise one hundred yuan cash prize you draw" to a more simple and direct.

(2) don’t keep me waiting for

I want to get what I want, get feedback as soon as possible, don’t waste time on the user, and kill the user’s patience. To give the user feedback to the user, for the foreseeable benefits, do not give the user draw pie, talk about the ideal life, we are all adults, to the point of actual. The user’s questions as soon as possible to give feedback, not because it is the weekend to ignore the problem of users, must wait until the working day to give answers, users like you only evenings and weekends have time to use your product, do the user operation do not expect to have a clean weekend or.

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