Student stationmaster, please make good use of your resources

in the webmaster network every day after mixing, found in our many webmasters or students, of course, college students is the most. See a lot of college students, webmaster friends do station, say earn less than what money. I remembered something about communication with a webmaster friend a while ago.

webmaster friend chat, of course, will mention the site, ask him what kind of station, he said the beginning is not bad. There are twenty thousand or thirty thousand IP per day, and now it’s gone. It’s only more than 2000 IP a day. I was asked not to be adjusted, non mainstream entertainment station or a novel station? He said no, sent to a web site, opened a power station, power network resources and he told me before Baidu included the more than 20000, there are few. Because it is a lot of data is collected, and now Baidu included a lot less. He also told me not to pick up large amounts of data. Is a veteran of the new bird. When I asked him how the station now returns a 2000IP station? I don’t know a month can earn 200 dollars not? He told me that his month now is Google advertising a bit more than one thousand, hundreds of other January, I am scared ah, he told me that the industry price is very high, the industry has a good development station, suggested that I can also consider doing industry information station, I said I want to but I don’t know about the industry. I asked him what he knew about electricity, he said he was in the Department of electrical engineering. I have been working for two years now. Do this station, now is also good every month.


and his talk, I’ll let the input in IE I can’t believe the domain name, it also seems very simple, no pop-up ads what, in his study at the station, feeling really can’t believe this is the more than 2000 station IP month can earn around 1500 this is unbelievable. The web site is simple, and the format is common. Advertising is not very much, ah, very refreshing kind of.

later to see some of the students, the webmaster said the site can not earn money, I was thinking, can’t you stand 2000IP you can’t reach it? I believe that many stations are his several times. Look at the station of some student stationmaster again, it is not recreational station, it is novel station, seem to have very little with the major that oneself studies. I wonder why our students these webmaster friends not to do their own, their every day, every day to learn the website and to do something they are not familiar with the station? Your professional standing you know, when you add content can also learn many new knowledge. The most important thing is that your professional station is the industry information station, and the price of the advertisement is very high. A little IP can make money, ah, a month to get thousands of IP should not be difficult to do ah. You can also bring yourself a lot of money. Student leaders, friends, would you please consider my suggestion?. Do professional oneself study station! My friend wanted to do their own, their own learning power station.

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