What equipment is needed to open a car wash shop

shops in different industries, want to operate properly, get higher recognition, naturally require different equipment, especially a car wash shop. So, what do you need to open a car wash shop? Let Xiaobian introduce you.

open car wash shop does not need much investment, the purchase of car wash supplies and simple car supplies 3-5. If you only wash the car, the investment is less than 10 thousand yuan. If you want to open a chain of stores about 100 thousand to 200 thousand investment (including some car interior decoration supplies, car accessories, car paint maintenance care, etc.).

business scope: car washing, waxing, interior cleaning.

car wash shop needs basic equipment:

1, the first car to have a compressor high pressure water pump, and with water cannons used by jets of water to wash the dirt on top of the vehicle is strong.

2, car wash must use water, water storage device is necessary, you can buy a large storage tank, but also on the back of a small plastic bucket to install water.

3, wash mop for cleaning the car is necessary to prepare the water rushed to the car after the dirt with a mop, to every corner of the brush.

4, car cleaning liquid is also a special need to wash the car, it can be dissolved in water to help quickly clean the dirt on the car to remove.

5, a small vacuum cleaner is also essential, some cars in the corner of the dust is the need for a small vacuum cleaner to dust cleaning.

6, in addition to the mop, rag is essential, a small area or need to use a rag to scrub, the best use of a special car wash cloth, so as not to scratch the car.

washing machine + foam + dehydrator + air compressor + + vacuum cleaner tools is mixed less than 10000.

also pay attention to the layout of drainage facilities.

if you want to operate more items, such as polishing, tire and so on, also need the following tools:

polishing machine with two + beauty supplies, 4000 yuan.

plus tire, oil change will be considered on the tyre repairing machine + supplies, about 8500.

lift + tool set equipment + site layout, about 16000.

in the current investment market, >

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