Small profits can earn high popularity to promote sales

how to run a shop, different consumers will have different views, some people insist on a single product must meet how much profit, while some shops are small profits but quick turnover. My family is doing non-staple food wholesale, wholesale goods for the owner, I usually go to the most preferential price supply, and provide free door-to-door service. The thought that this can attract them, and will be sucked for the whole life of large shippers. However, despite my painstaking efforts, there are still people say my goods than other expensive wholesale department.

in order not to let the loss of popularity, I had to make a single commodity or even a few cents a few pounds. But after that, I always respond to the suppliers to see if they can reduce the price or offer the promotion policy, otherwise I will look for other suppliers. It is never too old to learn, people must not be engaged in the wholesale business in the purchase price of the lost to peers, don’t say to ensure that each piece of merchandise has profit, at least to ensure the purchase price to sell, not to lose money selling.

remember the first time to sell ice tea, supplier price is 31 yuan / box, I first press the $32, 33 yuan wholesale to the store, but some shopkeepers said the next supermarket wholesale is $30. In order to make the other business, I only eat dumb losses, the purchase price of 31 yuan to 30 yuan to the ice Black Tea wholesale shop. And when I went to buy ice tea second times, the supplier said to a one-time order of 25, in order to supply by $29.8, in order to the transformation and development of shops, I listen to the arrangements of the manufacturers.

although the wholesale store to earn only 0.2 yuan, but at least began to profit, and can also sell other goods. And when the third purchase, I want a one-time 50, to the fourth time, I have started by the 100. As the business bigger and stronger, my ice Black Tea purchase price also from 29 yuan, 28.5 yuan, 27.9 yuan a. The price of the business is presented in Pyramid, and people are not afraid to lose their dedication to the final tower.

remember the beginning do wholesale bottled instant noodles, my fixed customers only one open shop on the site’s manufacturers said the purchase more to enjoy the more low price, but the project site soon ending, I was hesitant, the purchase in the test, even worried that sell out 10. Later, as long as I proposed one-time order 25, they will put it down in black and white in the purchase order, public commitment to provide customer service service for me.

subsequently, the store is also constantly adding to join the purchase, I have only a few barrels. And when I call the manufacturer to 25 pieces of the phone, the supplier has sent me a total of 50 and an extra gift. Later, when I put forward to want to buy 50 pieces of noodles, the supplier was relieved to give me the 100 pieces, this time also extra bonus of 3 pieces.

insist on such efforts, and finally paid off, the business began to improve day by day

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