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store saw a long queue of a team of the tea shop, your heart can not help but wonder why the small tea shops will be able to set off such a big consumption binge, want to see the data you will open your mouth. Survey data show that China’s tea market consumer groups of more than 500 million, annual consumption at an explosive rate of 36% a year, with milk tea, milk tea tea industry as the representative of the cover has become the value of China’s great investment project. For the majority of young consumers, white sugar boiling water flat and uninteresting carbonated drinks beverages, tea, beverage taste and superior nutritional health, tea has become the favorite drink of young consumer groups.

How about the

Hot Tea, HK Style? How to join?


(Hongkong) International Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, headquartered in Hongkong, the company owns 3 Dalian lock brand, 11 years to build more than 10 thousand popular stores, is an experienced marketing planning, product development, integrated operating company catering catering equipment supporting materials.


(Hongkong) International Group Limited company to carry forward the Hot Tea, HK Style culture, to adhere to the professional, and innovative ideas for business. The main direction is "healthy, delicious, cheap, pure Hong Kong style tea for all ages, the addition of innovative Hong Kong style street snack egg and other specialty products.

The join conditions:

, a love the industry, a similar industry and management experience is preferred.

two, store location is reasonable, about 15 square.

three, can accept the management mode of the Hot Tea, HK Style unified headquarters, and actively cooperate with the executive headquarters issued a policy.

four, hard working attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and spirit.

five, sound financial position.

six, with good store resources and local media resources is preferred.

The procedure:

1, understand

investors can browse the site for a message, you can call directly.

2, reached a cooperation intention

in our initial cooperation intentions, investors can visit our headquarters.

3, pay a deposit

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