Shop laying special access to the elderly to the elderly certainly

now no matter what kind of shops, although the elderly legs inconvenient, but almost can not see some channels open for the elderly, this makes a lot of elderly people when shopping carefully, fearing a note will fall. For this reason, if the shop in the laying of special channels for the elderly, I believe it will be sure that many elderly people.

Lao Wang is an old customer of our store. He is a chef in the restaurant next door. Lao Wang is a Hunan man, when the restaurant guests did not, he came to my shop to buy his house — furongwang cigarettes. Wang bought cigarettes, generally do not immediately go, but sit down, while comfortably smoking, and while I have sporadic chatting.

one morning, Lao Wang came to the store to buy cigarettes, and then sat down while smoking and chatting with me. At this time, a small boy came out of the shop, a sweat very worried look. The little boy took out two yuan to buy a bag of hot strips, and I took the money and handed a bag of hot strips to the little boy. The little boy took the hot strip and turned to the door. I take back my eyes and chat with Lao wang. Suddenly, with a loud, the little boy slipped and fell on the ground. I quickly ran out of the counter, picked up the little boy and asked him if he had broken. The little boy grinned and said it was all right. The little boy left, I looked down and saw a puddle of water on the floor. Because the shop light is bright, easily found.

after the little boy left, Lao Wang said to me: "give you a suggestion!" I said, well, you say. Lao Wang said solemnly: "you should lay in the store a special channel for the elderly. Today, thanks to the slip of a child, if it is an old man, you have a big event!"

Lao Wang left, I think about the proposal put forward by Lao Wang, I feel very reasonable. I shop every day a lot of elderly people to patronize, elderly people have difficulty walking, and bones are brittle, easily cause fracture after slipping. If the old man slipped into the store, I would have lost a lot of money. While laying in the shop for the elderly special anti-skid channel, not only can reduce the elderly accidental slip injury, but also reflects the care of my shop for the elderly customers, kill two birds with one stone. So, I decided to accept the advice of Lao Wang, the elderly in the shop to pave the special channel.

I bought some second-hand red carpet from the market, from the door of the shop was spread to the edge of the counter, and with black in the red carpet embroidered "old people slip special channel", suggesting that the Elderly Security channel. Since the laying of the elderly dedicated channels, by the vast number of elderly customers generally welcomed.

customer Lee aunt said: before the store to shop, always be careful, for fear of slipping on the floor tiles. Now, the shop has a special access to the elderly, walking on the red carpet, I will not worry about slipping. Customer Zhang uncle said, from the old man you put >

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