Zagorka’s Grička vještica museum presented

first_imgMarija Jurić Zagorka will finally get her house like the great authors have, according to Slobodan Prosperov Novak, “in the heart of Zagreb’s Camelot – Grič”.The future ZAGORKA MUSEUM OF THE GRIČKA WITCH was presented in front of the city leaders, officials of the Ministry of Culture, journalists and the gathered public in the Jelačić Palace on Markov trg 9.The wish of the creators of the project is that the most widely read Croatian writer Marija Jurić Zagorka, whose works have been passed down from generation to generation, gets her place not only in monumental form but that her character and work continue to inspire generations of visitors in the space dedicated to her. the city of Zagreb. The idea creator and initiator of the initiative, Vinko Grubišić, who dedicated nine years of research and work to this project, is convinced that Zagorka will return to the canon of Croatian literature and cultural heritage from which she was unjustly left out for years. “Marija Jurić Zagorka does not stop giving to Croatian culture, and to the city of Zagreb, and it is only up to us how much we manage to take. We are given the opportunity to make Zagreb baroquely enchanted, Zagorka’s Zagreb, not only for its suburban character of today’s main city square. Why does Zagreb have the Upper Town, but not the mysterious trace of Zagorka in it? Only we know that: we remember the birth house of a poet only for its demolition, and then we invent that house, or date, for the appropriate purposes.”Interestingly, the ceremony was suddenly joined by a hundred Japanese tourists who, delighted by the sight on St. Mark’s Square, stopped a conventional tourist tour of Zagreb and curiously entered the building of the future Museum, which had just begun to welcome just before its official presentation. On that occasion, those gathered toured the magnificent building of the Jelačić Palace in the very center of Grič, the renovation of which is planned in the project of realization of ZAGORKA’S MUSEUM OF THE GRIČKA WITCH. In the atrium of the building, guests were greeted by a rich musical, artistic and gastronomic program characteristic of the spirit of the novel “Gričke vještice” and after many years, visitors can see the interior of the palace, which provide a view of the future museum.The main topos of the gallant historical Zagreb will be embodied in the eight historical rooms of the Jelačić Palace. Most of these eight salons will be presented in their original form and will be a representative part of the Museum where ceremonial events, awards ceremonies, lectures and concerts will take place, but due to very discreet exhibits through a series of art, auditory, visual and digital installations Zagreb of the 18th and 19th centuries.As part of the museum in the central salons on the first floor in what is called the piano signorile, the world reference Zagorka Award will be given for its contribution to the emancipation of women and issues of freedom in the modern world in general. With this exhibition, the City of Zagreb will get a world-attractive but original content comparable to other world museums dedicated to the persecution of the Other and the different and, in general, to the revival of evil presented in numerous Holocaust museums. Also, in the future museum, visitors had a unique opportunity to visit a set of the long-awaited TV series Grička vještica produced by Jadran film, for which test shootings began yesterday, and for the realization of which they have been waiting for more than half a century.last_img

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