Rent strawhat Nisshin thousand yuan in scenic water

speaking area, many people will think of a lot of tourists, the scenic spots to bring unlimited business opportunities in the area, selling and rent the idea of a straw hat, but also from the experience about.

I is a cause of cadres, wages are not high, but the burden is very heavy. So I always pay attention to what the small business can do, this experience gave me an inspiration, go back, I immediately began to prepare.

the purchase price of 0.7 yuan a bottle of mineral water, I only sell 1.5 yuan, is doubled; 5 yuan a hat, I bought 100 first try, as long as the tourists to pay 10 yuan deposit, you can receive a refund, down when I returned their hats, 7 dollars, equivalent to to rent a hat as long as 3 yuan, than to buy a 10 yuan hat cost more.

also say, someone really came to ask. Mineral water needless to say, if it is fit, a lot of people will be here to buy, because they are very few. Straw hat business is better, 100 straw hat, less than 2 hours to rent out. The same day, my income reached 500 yuan.

see this business can do, I want to buy some more hats. >

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