Mid-Sized OpenVPX Development Chassis for RF Modules and Equipment

first_imgPixus Technologies, a leading provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, has released a new version of its VPXD1000 Series development chassis. The VPXD1000 allows various VITA 67 slot configurations for RF interfaces over the OpenVPX standard. The chassis can be partitioned for a separate segment for specialty RF devices or SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) implementation.The newer version of the VPXD1000 comes in a 63HP (12.6”) wide size, allowing higher slot count backplanes up to ten slots at a 1.0” pitch. Alternatively, designers can utilize one portion of the chassis for a smaller VITA 67 backplane over OpenVPX and a separate segment for RF or other devices. Pixus can optimize the airflow/cooling for each segment to best suit the customer requirements.The VPXD1000 also features removable sidewalls. When testing, the sidewalls can be removed for easy open frame access to probe plug-in cards. The chassis walls can later be plugged in for thermal testing or aesthetic purposes for end customers’ demonstrations. Pixus offers OpenVPX backplane/chassis systems in commercial, development, and MIL rugged formats. The company also provides IEEE and Eurocard components for the embedded computer market.Leveraging over 20 years of innovative standard products, the Pixus Technologies team is comprised of industry experts in electronics packaging. Founded in 2009 by senior management from Kaparel Corporation, a Rittal company, Pixus’ embedded backplanes and systems are focused primarily on ATCA, OpenVPX, MicroTCA, and custom designs. Pixus also has an extensive offering of VME-based and cPCI-based solutions. In May 2011, Pixus Technologies became the sole authorized North and South American supplier of the electronic packaging products previously offered by Kaparel Corporation and Rittal.last_img

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