Johns Hopkins University unveils “enhanced” identity

first_imgAll Activity Sports Logo News 720 Ok is it me or does it look like a rubber band is wrapped about it’s beak? And the bird looks too skinn? Sorry I’m not liking these logos. 238 Forums Home pats2000 Tom Richards 17,857 posts By Waffles, July 2, 2014 in Sports Logo News 9,812 posts Waffles 2,940 Waffles Share this post Tygers09 Share this post 4,138 posts 0 Posted July 2, 2014 619 leopard88 Moderators Share on other sites 456 posts leopard88 Followers 0 Posted July 3, 2014 Share on other sites Link to post 238 Posted July 3, 2014 Medical Crab Share on other sites Posted July 3, 2014 slapshot rtrich11 SportsLogos.Net Followers 0 here: seems like a lateral move Forums Home rtrich11 16 This topic is now closed to further replies. Members 619 SportsLogos.Net 517 pats2000 Share on other sites 16 Johns Hopkins University unveils “enhanced” identity Link to post Tygers09 Link to post Master of the Irrelevant Sports Logo News Location:Charlotte, NC Members 1,065 posts 0 Favourite Logos:Denver Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Houston Texans, Toronto Argonauts (football with sails), BC Lions, San jose Sharks, Minnesota Wild, Sports Logos Location:Mississippi State, MS from Jackson, MS 2,940 238 Sign in to follow this   Share on other sites 72 619 slapshot 72 Recommended Posts 1,839 posts 72 I dunno. It’s so similar it hardly seems worthwhile. Also has tiny detail frills that would get lost in applications. 0 517 Johns Hopkins University unveils “enhanced” identity 0 720 Posted July 3, 2014 Share on other sites 517 Tracy MidGrady Members Link to post Johns Hopkins University unveils “enhanced” identity Share this post Link to post 0 Go To Topic Listing 16 0 Share on other sites Posted July 2, 2014 I don’t have the old set handy for comparison. However, the new Blue Jay looks a little too artificially angry for my taste.EDIT: I found an example of the old logo. I think it would have been sufficient to just clean it up a bit without adding the scowl. Location:The Land of Pleasant Living Link to post 2,940 Sign in to follow this   Location:Port Huron, MI … Favourite Logos:San Jose Sharks, 2011-12 Washington Wizards, Buffaslug(sadly), Dallas Desperadoes, Washington Capitals Alt, LA Angels font, New Charlotte Bobcats alt, Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots Members Members 0 The press release says it was done in-house, but something about this screams “Phoenix Design Works”. Sports Logos 720 Share this post Share this post 2,592 posts Share this post All Activity Members Link to post Tracy MidGrady Posted July 3, 2014 Share this postlast_img

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