Health products popular health pillow to create a comfortable life

now, a lot of health care products have been popular. And the concept of people in this area is also rising, diversified health products began to emerge. Health pillow popular hot, can effectively improve the quality of sleep, to help more people to the wealth of life.

to the modern health care pillow professional development model has led to a trend of life natural herb pillow, pillow series is herbaceous plant stems and leaves, flowers in accordance with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine compatibility, and then installed in a pillow in bed pillow, is a means of health care, prevention of disease. The utility model relates to a health pillow, which is characterized in that the utility model has the functions of health care and health care, and can be used for relieving nerves, calming nerves and protecting the cervical vertebra. Health care pillow to join in the structure and function of the effort, reasonable structure and more humane, can play a role in health care.


antibacterial anti mite health pillow, slow rebound sponge to inhibit the growth of fungi, fungal reproduction growth produces a thorn Ji smell, when there is sweat saliva under such circumstances, health care to become more prominent.


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