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said the business has become the theme of the current era, however, should pay attention to the local nature also need our attention, so as to ensure the success of the business. So, what are the attention of children’s wear shop? Let Xiaobian to introduce you briefly.

open children’s clothing store, the first look at the purchase of style, not to consider the price, there are a lot of people are on the first look at the purchase price, look at the style. Although the goods are of good quality and low price, the price can not be sold because of the bad style! Finally the goods, sell at a loss!

children’s clothing store to pick up the goods, to pick their children’s love at first sight, as long as they look at the children’s clothing, will be introduced to the customer, feel free. You can not see the clothes, you will certainly be introduced in the hearts of drums! Later, to purchase the place to be calm, do not listen to the suppliers’ said they always sell their goods so well, so violent version. Because of the different levels of consumption and vision of each place, the sale of goods have their own grasp.

can take to get clothes, do not grasp the children’s clothing, do not grasp the color do not take. Do not in order to more than a paragraph, or a number of colors, customers choose more room, to take their own money or color. Outcome: cargo handling! For manufacturers or wholesalers to deal with children’s clothing, be careful! Deal with the general reason. Quality problems or difficult to sell clothes. Do not take a lot of disposable! Eat goods can take more than 2 hands, if you are not allowed to eat, or do not take or take a try to sell! There are children’s clothing is best cotton fabric.

Analysis of

children’s clothing shop opened market: Children’s clothing is a necessity, but also repeated consumption of goods relatively strong, is a baby grow fast, need to constantly change; two is to send gifts to relatives and friends often choose clothes; three is Fengnianguojie when clothes are the indispensable items; four is the children’s clothing styles mom, easy to arouse the desire for shopping.

children’s clothing store decoration: Children’s clothing is the pursuit of personalized goods, store decoration also needs to be rich in personality, can be used with primary color wooden shelves. As for the product placement, as far as possible to put the product out of shape, do not just hang the whole row there!

first of all, you have to determine what your shop is selling children’s age children. Children divided into infant (0-3 years), children (2-7 years old) in children (6-12 years old), 155 children height generally do not buy children’s clothing. If your children’s clothing store is facing the source of the purchase of infant clothing, then you can store 80-85% children’s clothing is set to 0-7 years (height 80-130cm) this age.

but suppose there are one or two primary schools nearby, and the guests come to look for clothes for children over the age of 6, then we can store the 30>

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