first_imgThat whole not having a job or responsibilities or having to wear pants thing isn’t the leisure life we assumed. No, today’s dogs, it seems, are burdened with a shocking amount of stress — just ask their clearly “well adjusted” owners. And with the stress a modern pooch apparently endures, a quick walk and a pat on the head just won’t cut it.Here are some of the primo ways you can pamper your tightly wound best pal.Canine chefs: There was a time when a can of the wet food constituted a rare, fine-dining experience. But you can do better. Now, you can hire a chef that specializes in the unique canine palate, or score one of the dozens of dog-focused cookbooks out there. Replace that Purina with some fresh-cooked steak and rice and consider ol’ Rex well pampered.Acupuncture: It’s amazing what a few well-placed needles can accomplish. The ancient eastern technique has been around for thousands of years, and its popularity among humans is booming. It’s so popular, in fact, that now you can sign up your dog for the procedure .Massage: Sure your dog might look like it enjoys being scratched behind the ear or a vigorous belly rub, but that’s just because they’ve never experienced the true, expertly performed form of petting — a massage. If your pet is looking a bit stressed, let a pro with firm but delicate hands rub the knots from their legs.Therapists: If the stress of a dog’s life gets to be too much, they might need to spend some time on the shrink’s couch. Dog therapists can help you figure out exactly what’s ailing your emotional hound, and maybe how to fix it. In the case of a truly depressed dog, some heavy medication could be in order. Doggie Prozac? Yeah, that’s a thing.last_img

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