Top ten brands of peanut list

peanut is not only very delicious, but also very nutritious, which has become a favorite food of countless diners. Moreover, China is a large agricultural country, peanut production is also very high, so that the whole peanut market has a large number of brands. So, the peanut industry which brand good? Next, let Xiaobian to reveal the secret of the top ten brands of peanut list.

peanut ten brands list, NO.1 Huang Feihong: domestic well-known brand spicy peanuts, sales of leading leisure food, popular consumer favorite brand of peanut, green food, Yantai Xinhe delta Flavor Food Co. ltd..

peanut ten brands list: NO.2, Bao Henan province famous trademark, brand-name products in Henan Province, Henan Province agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, provincial leading enterprises, Kaifeng Bao Food Co. ltd..

peanut ten brands list NO.3, BES Xing: famous trademark in Sichuan Province, Sichuan municipal brand-name products, agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises, well-known brand peanut drunkard in Sichuan Province, BES Hing Food Industry Co. ltd..

peanut ten brands list: NO.4, Zhenglin nuts roasted food large Taiwan owned enterprises, ten brands of peanut, roasted seeds and nuts Chinese biggest production enterprises, Lanzhou Zhenglin farming food Co. ltd..

peanut ten brands list, NO.5 Dongbao: Shandong famous trademarks, brand-name products in Shandong, Shandong agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the national model of agricultural products processing enterprises, Hualong (Rushan) Food Industry Co. ltd..

peanut ten brands list: NO.6, COFCO COFCO group, professional manufacturer of peanut products / peanut, peanut leisure food industry leader, a very strong enterprise, Shandong COFCO peanut products import and Export Co., ltd..

peanut ten brands list NO.7, John Hancock: Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang famous trademark, specializing in the production of roasted leisure food of Sino foreign joint ventures, Zhejiang Province agricultural leading enterprise, Ningbo Hengkang Food Co. ltd..

peanut ten brands list, NO.8 AMING Amin: Shanghai famous brand, Shanghai famous trademarks, well-known professional production and sales of leisure food enterprises, ten brands of peanut, Shanghai orchid Amin Food Co. ltd..

peanut ten brands list NO.9, Qiaqia: started in 2001, national trademark protection, 100 Chinese food industry enterprises, specializing in the production and sale of food nuts, Qiaqia food Limited by Share Ltd.


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