Overtime 2-18-16…R.I.P. Master Jaquet Bazemore

first_imgJACQUET BASEMORE, RIGHT, WITH BILL NEALA VERY SPECIAL “FIVE STAR SPECIAL EDITION FOR THE WORLD—“THE LEGEND OF MASTER JACQUET BAZEMORE”…TOP 10 STYLE!:10—United States Marine Corps Special Forces. Two-time Vietnam veteran. “Hoo-Rah!!!”:09—Trained and sparred with Muhammad Ali, the greatest of all time.:08—I was privileged to be with Master Bazemore at Ali’s training camp at Deer Lake, PA when he was preparing for his second fight with Leon Spinks.  Ali…already aware of Jacquet’s superior martial arts talent asked him to do something special to impress the crowd.  He went outside, returned a few minutes with a “Red Brick” and with one karate strike, broke the brick in half. Ali then screamed at his main man, “See Bundini, I told ya, I told ya, he’s amazing Bundini!”last_img

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