Corruption in coalition

first_imgDear Editor,In a NACTA opinion survey I conducted earlier this month, voters describe this People’s National Congress/Alliance For Change/Working People’s Alliance (PNC/AFC/WPA) coalition Government as extremely corrupt. Supporters of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) also feel it is the most racist Government in recent times.Almost everyone is disappointed with the style of governance of the coalition. The Government started out with a lot of goodwill and people expected honest good governance, free of racism. Instead, they feel it is the worst they have experienced in recent times. Those who describe the PPP Administration as corrupt feel the PNC/AFC/WPA coalition has outdone the previous regime on corruption. They say this coalition is far more corrupt. They point to many of the ongoing scandals and scams involving the regime that is not even two years old. They note that hardly a week, nay a day, goes by without the coalition not involved in some kind of corrupt transaction.A large majority of those (traditional supporters) who voted for the PNC-led coalition also describe their Government as corrupt. And those cross-over voters from the PPP, as well as independent minded voters that supported (voted for) the coalition in May 2015 also feel the PNC/AFC/WPA coalition is very corrupt. They note that they vote for the coalition because of the AFC presence in it, but the AFC has let them down. Instead of keeping a tab on the PNC, the AFC (and WPA elements) have become engrossed into the same activities. For the WPA, Walter Rodney is turning in his grave.Persons have expressed disappointment with the governance of the coalition regime. Indians and Amerindians complain about targeted racism. Saying they many members of their ethnic groups have been terminated from their jobs and replaced by supporters of the PNC. Indians note how the Government is closing down industries where they are employed and funding projects benefiting PNC supporters.Overall, voters can’t wait for the day to vote out the coalition. But they are troubled of having to return to the PPP which, they say, has not shown much sign of reforming and embracing critics and people of unquestionable character. Similar to how the PNC has failed to reform itself after nearly 23 years in Opposition, and has returned to its familiar style of governance during the dictatorship, voters fear that the PPP will also not reform itself from all the allegations levelled against it post Jagan.Yours truly,Vishnu Bisramlast_img

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