Disappointment with Minister Trotman’s behaviour

first_imgDear Editor,I watch the news often, but was shocked and flabbergasted when I saw the recent behaviour of Minister Raphael Trotman in Parliament. In that debate, Trotman’s behaviour towards former President Bharrat Jagdeo was very disrespectful. His tone of voice and his arrogance gives me much to desire. He behaves as if his Coalition Government will rule forever, and he is some sort of a God, holding power forever.Though Mr Trotman was raving and ranting like a delirious man, the Speaker of the House failed to dispense his duties by stopping him or cautioning him to tone down his voice against Mr Jagdeo. It tells me clearly that we have no discipline in Parliament, and this sets a bad example to the citizens of this nation. Mr Trotman, who happens to be a Christian, failed to conduct himself properly in Parliament. He sets a bad example of Christianity to the other honourable members of the House who are Hindus and Muslims. I believe he should be disciplined for his cantankerous and arrogant behaviour. In Parliament they refer to each other as honourable member. The word ‘’honourable” can be defined as: bringing or worthy of honour; honest, moral, ethical, principled, righteous, right-minded; decent, respectable, estimable, virtuous, good, upstanding, upright, worthy, noble, fair, just, truthful, trustworthy, law-abiding, reliable, reputable, creditable, dependable, illustrious, distinguished, eminent, great, glorious, renowned, acclaimed, prestigious, noble, creditable, admirable, “an honourable man.”From the definition given above, since our Parliamentarians here are calling each other ‘’honourable members’’ in their debate, I believe our erudite Attorney-at-law Mr Trotman failed to comprehend the meaning of the word honourable when I watched his despicable behaviour on national television. I believe he needs to apologize to Mr Jagdeo and the House for his deplorable behaviour. I am no member of any political party, but I also believe APNU means: A Partnership for National Unity; so what kind of National Unity is Minister Trotman portraying to the Guyanese people? Our Motto is One People, One Nation, One Destiny, but I see sheer racism and cronyism daily in this sad nation of ours. It is my firm belief that Parliament needs to have a code of conduct of ethical and moral behaviour; too many of our parliamentarians are just fit for the fish market, and not Parliament, or to hold any public office.I believe President Granger should disciple the errant members of his coalition Government. Real leadership is putting this nation before our own needs, not by greed and personal gain; we must lead in truth, integrity and righteousness. I believe this nation has fallen morally, spiritually and academically. It’s about time people like Trotman humble themselves, because life is about sowing and reaping, and Karma will take its toll on arrogant leaders who believe they are the gods of Guyana. May God help us.Yours faithfully,Rev Gideon Cecillast_img

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