Collaboration: Email Remains Most Important Workplace Tool

first_imgEmail has been in the crosshairs of software vendors for more than a decade with attempts to kill it off by replacing it with a better tool.  Despite their efforts, email remains the dominant tool for business communication.  Part of the reason for the difficulty in replacing email with something else is that it has become a lowest common denominator, a tool that everyone has access to — it’s a sure way to be able to communicate with nearly anyone.A survey by Pew found that email and the internet remain the two most important workplace tools.But here are some reasons why email is a poor tool for collaboration:There’s too much of it and time consuming to go through.Security issues.  Emails are easy to spoof and prone to be a source of viruses.  They’re also generally unencrypted.  And it’s much too easy to make a mistake and send information unintentionally to the wrong recipients.Overused.  Used to send invitations, information, notes, etc.Often not prioritized, although clients like Outlook and Gmail are making some progressSpam messages still creep throughA recent study by Yahoo Labs found some interesting stats in how email is used today:More than 100 billion email messages sent everydayOf the emails that people will respond to, the majority of responses are sent within 30 minutes and more than 90 percent of responses are sent out within one day.Most replies contain only five words.  Only 30 percent of email responses contain more than 100 words.last_img

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