Operating noodle needs equipment which

ready to open a noodle shop, operating noodle needs equipment which? As we know, we need a lot of equipment to set up shop, so we need to make a simple list of the equipment needed to open the noodle shop today.

1,   1200

cooking stove;

2, small fry stove   500

3,   300

soup stove;

4, four door freezer   3000

5, cupboard   1000

6. Seasoning table   400

7, cutting table   600

8, dishwasher   500

9, baidunzi tool   300

10  pot and all kinds of cooking utensils seasoning cylinder, stainless steel basin   1000

: office chairs

is expected to 300 yuan each   8   a total of 2400 yuan

chopsticks, soy sauce pot, chili oil cans, paper towel box is expected to 200 yuan

? Open a noodle shop to join the list of the above equipment, do you remember it? Open a noodle shop to join, more noodle project waiting for you, quickly get more information in this site noodle bar. There is always a right for you.

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