Korean hot pot buffet lunch to join the cost

China Korean vogue for a long time, along with the South Korean film industry in Chinese popularity, Korean food culture also once again set off a wave of Chinese style, pay attention to a Chinese catering industry innovation, open a strong South Korean style Hot pot shop, it must also be able to occupy the market for good.

"drink cake Korean self-help Hot pot Museum" with exquisite famous, exquisite authentic Korean delicacy, attaches great importance to the fine craftsmanship, because of this, South Korea special snack by domestic "chowhound" favor. China’s huge market, so that the Korean food and beverage companies have entered China, the brightest Korean cuisine competing to distribute delicious to Korean dramas, Korean clothing, Korean food based Korean wave in the country, has become an irreversible trend.

[join fee]

1. franchise fee is also known as the use of the brand: the first time to join the cost of cake 50 thousand.

2. contract period of 3 years and two years. According to the franchisee to lease the property to determine the length of time, if the property lease for 5 years, joined the contract signed by the past 5 years.

3. cooperation in the first five years without any major errors can be renewed later.

[margin] brand margin 30 thousand, after the expiration of the contract to join interest free counter, if there is renewed, you can do as the late renewal margin. If the franchisee has a breach of contract during the cooperation period, hurt the interests of the brand, the fine can be deducted within the margin.

[design fee] design fee of 10 thousand yuan, including the kitchen design, changes in the contract period, the original shops do not change the other charges, such as the new shops in accordance with the requirements of the new shops charge.

[training costs] training costs a total of 10 thousand, a month of training, the number of less than 7 people, board and lodging arrangements with the company, up to a maximum of two meals a day. Responsible for staff salaries by the franchisee, such as training need to change, not more than two times, or someone to stop training, have a week in advance to the company to apply for training cost of a collection, after no longer charge.

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