Jade mouth wonton can get what support

in the early years of China is still relatively backward, most of the streets are similar alley form. During that winter is particularly cold only the warmth of the alley, is to buy the ravioli vendors, ravioli has an important irreplaceable position in the minds of people. Wonton is one of the China folk traditional pasta, a thin flour skin stuffing, usually cooked soup with food, from North China. Since ancient times, there is a very big market, jade wonton always adhere to the "health and nutrition of food, integrity management, customer first" core business philosophy, after years of accumulation of R & D, have perfected the highly standardized products and services for the future development has laid a good foundation.

jade wonton after years of development has made remarkable achievements, in June 18, 2013 eighty-second stores opened in 2013 September, was named the peninsula delicacy Culture Festival consumer favorite delicacy brand characteristics. The goal is to create a famous brand chain China, let more people enjoy the delicious wonton jade, and jade wonton also will continue to improve the quality of service, development features wonton, standard management mode, continue to expand the market. We always believe that customer satisfaction is our pursuit, then join the brand what support?

Jade mouth wonton can get what support

After joining

, the headquarters will provide the following support:

, store support:

1. site planning: by the mouth of the Commissioner to provide professional reference.

2. site assessment: quasi flow of people and consumption in selected locations are evaluated.

3. design: store signs, posters, construction programs, image wall design, etc..

4. layout planning: a full set of store layout, according to the local headquarters of the kitchen layout.

two, training support:

1. staff training: to assist in the training of staff.

2. management training: for franchisees to provide management, marketing and other multi angle training.

3. etiquette Service: provide training standards for Chain Store Etiquette service.

4. technical standards: the use of unified technical standards manual for professional technical personnel training.

three, material support

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