Clothing store display six skills need to master

, a clothing store in order to earn money, first of all to gather popularity, popularity, wealth will be more broad. So, how can the clothing store to gather popularity? This is very important in the display, good display can attract more popularity for clothing stores.

1. scientific classification

2. regular transform method

3. joint convenience method

will be the same kind of consumer products to put together, or will often put together the collocation styles, can facilitate the customer supporting the purchase of merchandise sales, this combination is called joint convenient method. Such as the men’s shirts, suits and ties, tie clips, etc., will be placed in autumn and winter coats and hats, scarves, etc..

4. cyclic repeat method

some clothing styles in a certain position for too long, because of the influence of surrounding light and styles and then they can be No one shows any interest in, change the location of the combination and other styles of clothing, it will produce a new artistic theme, increase the chance of selling. It will be on the shelves of clothes moved to the outside on the shelves, will be more impressiveness. By repeating the cycle, coupled with the new style shelves, the entire clothing chain will give people a new sense of constant change.

5. wardrobe combination method

in each season, consumer’s wardrobe is a new combination of various occasions, various applications and a variety of theme style rich and orderly. Accelerate the pace of urban life, people need more wardrobe portfolio design services. Clothing chain stores in the combination of goods, it may wish to take advantage of this mentality, in the sale of goods at the same time also increase the service of a domestic design. The combination can be divided into a single combination, a combination of lovers, a combination of three families, etc..

6. decorative background method

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