Hangzhou’s first youth entrepreneurship Street officially opened Street

to support entrepreneurship, we must gather the advantages of resources to optimize the allocation of. Zhongguancun Venture Street is such a building, and achieved good results, and now Hangzhou also want to build their own entrepreneurial street.

"we hatch project has reached more than 80, financing exceeded 70 million yuan," the Euphrates Hangzhou Incubator Center for Hu Lang, the Euphrates Hangzhou incubator center is Silicon Valley Euphrates settled into the first Asian center, also China headquarters in this year. In the end of June. In the wave of Hu seems, just 5 months less time to obtain such financing results, Wangjiang new entrepreneurial innovation atmosphere is worth looking forward to.

"the whole block for metro construction and Wangjiang production integration of the city to provide funds, supporting a full range of talent development!" Wangjiang Street Party committee secretary Zhu Liming said that at present, the entire block has a total area of more than 5500 square meters, by 2016, will increase to more than 1 square meters.

to create public entrepreneurship peoples innovation atmosphere, Shangcheng District issued a special policy recommendation, face

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