Entrepreneurship shop how to retain repeat customers

compared to the development of a new customer, to retain a repeat of the time and money spent less, and the effect is often better, so, to retain repeat customers is very important for the operation of the store. In short, entrepreneurship shop, port important, important sources, services are equally important. The service is good, the other will be your back, and more repeat customers, you good service, they are willing to give you more consumers, so your reputation is greater, the money is more natural. Therefore, we must learn to retain repeat customers.

1, learn to respect the customer

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turn off the most basic and most important, from the beginning of your attitude, this will become the starting point to establish a good relationship between you, of course, may also be caused by the cause of the war between you. In short, pay attention to their speech and deportment, keep the etiquette, nature will give each other a good impression, so again you store.

2, the right to deal with difficult customers

to do business will always encounter some difficult customers, in fact, this is not necessarily a bad thing, not picky customers we would not grow, treat these difficult customers, not shut out, but welcomed the patient not to mind taking the trouble to them, a lot of opinions are in fact we need to improve, the only way to make their the store is more perfect than others. Even if the customer is deliberately finding fault, even if they suffer some, also can endure to throw, after all shop where to run can not run, once they suffer more big trouble.

3, learn to be customer oriented

understand the needs of customers, what they need to do what, don’t let the customer feel regret, this is also to promote the cause of rising home back off, can get you here every customer, what is the reason not to come again? Therefore, when we do business may wish to stand in the customer’s point of view.

4, establish extensive contacts

if you want to get the customer’s approval, we do not put yourself in the position of business, to the real jade customer along, establish good relationships with customers, it can not only enhance the customer with their own feelings, promote each other repeatedly come, but also to better understand the market, understand customer needs, let oneself better.

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