Do not rush to pursue profitable business

many people want to find some entrepreneurial skills, want to make their own business more smoothly. In fact, there are many entrepreneurial skills, we need to pay attention to the problem there are many. We know that follow the trend of entrepreneurship is still a lot of this phenomenon, there are a lot of entrepreneurs just started to pursue profits.

promised to deliver more less;

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dispersed customers

"destiny in their own hands, must not be manipulated in the hands of others." Robin Li later concluded.

prematurely in a large amount of profit is to reduce investment in technology. Robin Li believes that an innovative company, technically, it is necessary to invest in a large scale, so as to make their own technology has been in a leading position or even monopoly. And this lead in the future will bring big returns.

"at the expense of the long-term interests of enterprises announced a profit, it is not rational behavior." He said.


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