Electricity providers will become a new stage of employment and employment of the disabled

disabled people in this world can be said to be a very special existence, and now the whole society is also called for some care to the majority of the disabled people, in many places, but also gives a lot of confidence and self employment of persons with disabilities to help policy.

to make public training on track, not long ago, Zhang Lei for the establishment of an occupation training school. Now here to learn the disabled from all over the country, each student is not only a Taobao cloud customer service, but also a Taobao owner, on the basis of employment can also be achieved entrepreneurship.

Kuang Zhigang is after all in the eyes of the entrepreneurial star, he and three partners in the good study, last year to set up a cross stitch business Taobao shop, now the shop every day annual sales of hundreds of thousands of yuan too busy to attend to all orders.

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