Chinese CEO struggling to cope with the Ten Challenges

global economic growth is still slow, and in the future is likely to continue to slow, from Chinese, Brazil, the United States and Europe CEO know, relatively easy period and the growth of the past, in the current and future business growth will be difficult to achieve. CEO said that in all parts of the world have felt the pain of this performance. To make the situation worse. Many economies of the encouragement policies of the government is weakened, Global trade tensions driven by trade protectionism virtually undisguised intensified, recovery ability of employees, customers and consumers of the uncertainty brought by new technology, there may be a risk of creative destruction.

in response to a new round of growth trends, CEO all over the world are focusing on strengthening leadership in the organization, and urges the empowerment of leaders at all levels, in order to make their performance as the focus of the environment to drive change, bold innovation, even if they fail. CEO mobilization and training of existing staff at the same time, but also to the customer and the company brand made a new commitment, will be seen as the key to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

these commitments also filled with a sense of urgency. The World Federation of big business predicts that global growth will be relatively low by 3.1% in 2014, and the economy will remain weak until the end of the last ten years. CEO recognize that not all companies have the same status as today after the new low growth period. China certainly can not shake off this global trend. The World Federation of big business predicts that China’s growth rate will slow to an average annual rate of 5.8% between 2013 and 2018, and will fall further to between $2019 and $3.7%.

for the company, which means that they will inevitably separate winners and losers, when the sea water at low tide, underpowered ship will sink to the bottom. In order to survive and grow in this difficult period, we must rely on the CEO to play their leadership skills, talent, promote the performance and competitiveness, keep in slowing economic growth and expand their own piece of cake. This is their first duty.

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