How to use the product structure to product pricing

a store in the end whether the product can be sold, the product can sell well in the end, is associated with many factors. Among them, the product pricing, will have a direct impact on the operation of the product. So, if you want to successy open a retail store, you need to do a good job of product pricing. In this paper, the small series will introduce you to the use of product structure to product pricing methods.

to ask what the most entrepreneurial formats in China, I think it should be operating retail stores. So, how to make the shop running smoothly, and can make money? During this period, the impact of many factors, of which the price of the product design is a very important aspect. Generally speaking, the drainage, profit, activity and image of the composition of the retail store product structure. Today we are going to talk about how to use the product structure pricing method to price the goods in the retail store.


drainage, that is, the main paragraph. This type of product must be the largest sales in your shop, due to high cost, so popular with customers. In general, this type of product for each shop will not be too much, in the electricity supplier operations, for small shops have a 1-2 section can be. The main role of the drainage is the introduction of customers, increase sales, expand market share, increase store popularity, publicity brand, driven by the overall sales. When a customer buys a drain, if you can get the trust of the customer, will also be able to promote the sale of high-grade goods store.


profit margin, as the name implies, is a higher profit commodity, because of the large amount of drainage sales, the funds are relatively high. At this time, the use of drainage to promote high profit margins in the store’s sales, and thus improve the overall profitability of the store.


activity, is the store’s promotional products. This type of product can increase popularity, reduce inventory, etc.. Among them, the activities can also be a competitive selling items included in the scope of activities.


image of the money, this product will not be too much in a shop, the general 1-2 models can be, the general price higher. As a business, this product can be used as a display.

so, how to design the price according to these products?

our train of thought is: first set the price of the drainage, other types of products based on drainage pricing.

The pricing of

drainage is generally set in the target consumer group

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