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with the development of the times, people’s living standards have improved, the desire to go out to look at the beginning. More and more people began to favor outdoor activities, some hot springs became a popular destination, launched in December 9th eighth "the Tangshan hot spring culture tourism season has attracted the attention of many people, a number of activities to get the tourists sought after!

12 9 am, sponsored by the Jiangning district government, the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission, Nanjing Tangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. hosted the "the eighth session of Tangshan hot spring culture tourism season" in the soup hill start. According to organizers, compared to the previous Spring Festival, the spring season, a longer span of time, the activities are more colorful, more ornamental and playability, both international standards and overseas Ambassador Recruitment and other sectors, but also with the industrial transformation and upgrading of major projects related to the contract, spa ing development seminar, environmental protection the electric car opened, more populist carnival, equestrian tournament, spa fun swimming, Christmas Carnival and other visitors can participate in the activities, and the series of activities of the enterprise and the beautiful countryside spa Pro Zi You, travel experience, study tour to learn together to give visitors more choice. It is reported that this session of the hot spring season, a total of 4 categories of 12 sub activities, which lasted for three months, so that the spring tour throughout the winter.

hot spring cultural tourism

12 9 July February 9, 2017, span nearly 3 months in the carnival, Tangshan hot spring season "activities held in the Spring Lake Park by then, visitors will feel the colorful festival of lights, delicacy Festival, skating and skiing and other visual enjoyment. In addition, the "ocean at Tangshan" activities will be in the soup mountain resort scenic spots on the ceremony, we will invite the foreign students to Tangshan, through to Oteri J, hip-hop performances, bicycle riding and other activities, to promote foreign Tangshan hot spring culture tourism season.

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12 month 11 days, hot spring swimming fun contest will be held "in Tangshan workers’ sanatorium (parent-child couples, relay), welcome swimming enthusiasts to participate in this open up a fresh outlook spring swimming competition. From December to January 2017, held in Tangshan car camp, "Tangshan car camp experience activities", this activity is mainly through the form of recruitment.

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now until February next year, in the purple Lake Hot Spring Resort, Tangshan Regalia Resort & SPA will launch a series of performances and spa experience tour. From mid December to 2017 during the Spring Festival, in Tangshan Aotelaisi shopping plaza will be held "aotelaishi Christmas shopping Carnival Festival", the special offer activities, Christmas activities, new activities, for the love of shopping for young people will be an exciting "year end". < / recommendation

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