From May to August, the excellent rate was 100% and the air quality in Xining was increasing

In order to allow more than 200 people breathe more fresh air, Xining city environmental protection department to pull the black chimney, vehicle exhaust emissions, curb the two dust…… So that the number of days of continuous improvement of air quality, so that more and more people fell in love with the morning exercise, accustomed to the evening walk.

according to the monitoring results show that in 2010, the number of days of good air quality in the city for 311 days, accounting for the number of days of the year, a record high level of 85.2%. Among them, from June to October air quality excellent rate of five consecutive months to reach 100%. 2011, the number of days of good air quality in the city over the previous year increased by 5 days, air quality excellent rate of 86.6%. 2012, the city’s air quality continues to improve, from May to August, air quality excellent rate reached 100%.

it is understood that, in order to make the quality of the urban atmospheric environment continues to improve, the city in recent years, comprehensively promote the coal-fired boiler coal gas and coal (oil) catering industry smoke remediation work, the natural gas pipeline network covering all coal-fired facilities and urban areas within the various types of centralized markets included in the scope of regulation, promote the use of clean energy. At present, the city’s four district a total of 947 catering units, more than 574 the use of clean energy; the implementation of the Xining City motor vehicle environmental inspection marks management regulations, all in the city driving a vehicle must accept the vehicle exhaust inspection; to strengthen the construction of transport vehicles containing the two residue soil management, strict control of dust pollution; suburban villagers straw burning, reduce smoke emission. Through the work carried out, the city’s air quality improved significantly. (author: Rong Lijun)


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