Linxia Lanzhou influx of tourists in Xining

Whether it is the summer tourist season, or just past the National Day holiday, people in Xining found that hot tourism market in Xining are from Gansu Lanzhou, Linxia, Ningxia, Yinchuan, Shaanxi, Xi’an and other surrounding areas of tourists. With the opening of high-speed rail, Xining has become the Lanzhou around the city of Xining people choose tourism hot, ZiJiaYou tourists also come in a throng Yinchuan, Xi’an and Linxia, with Xining as the center of the hundreds of kilometers radius of the tourism circle is more and more obvious.

"eat a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle went to Lanzhou to buy some clothes." Before the holidays, more people in Xining or drive, or take the bus and three or four hours train under the Lanzhou". Now, with the increasing development of Xining transportation, tourism and other supporting facilities, Xining has become part of the surrounding provinces one or two days of short-term travel destination. In particular, a holiday, the streets of Xining Gan Gan prefix car drivers continue to pour. Travel to come to the people of Lanzhou Yu told reporters, every time a holiday or weekend, he will take his family to Xining around, now Xining city is well developed, EMU is very clean, convenient and quick, sometimes the day you can go back and forth a.

"Yinchuan to Xining, although a little farther, but the night train to arrive the second day early in the morning, Ningxia and Shahu, there is not the same in Qinghai Lake." "When Xi’an is hot, it’s very comfortable to Xining." Reporters found that, with the traffic facilities, between Xining and the surrounding city exchanges, exchanges, beautiful scenery, cool and pleasant in summer in Xining attracted many tourists from the brothers around the city, Xining and the surrounding area has become their first choice of self driving tour. Because in Xining, even if it’s a short holiday or weekend, they can go on a trip.  

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