Good rain yesterday to ease the drought

  in April 28th, a wide range of rainfall in the province to ease the drought in the northeast of our province. Not only let the farmers have put down the hanging of the heart, but also to the city residents to breathe fresh air.

reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, Xining rainfall reached a moderate degree. As of 20 points in April 28th, the Xining urban area of precipitation of 11.8 mm, Huangyuan rainfall of 12.5 mm, Huangzhong’s rainfall of 15.5 mm, chase precipitation of 7.2 mm. Huangzhong has become the largest rainfall area. At the same time, there will be precipitation at night, but the intensity will gradually weaken. Xining Yun Jia Kou Zhen Zhu Jia Zhuang Cun Village Ridge Lee stood house behind, watching gradually wet land with a smile. The land is located in the foot of the mountain, watering inconvenient, he looked forward to having a rain underground.

Meteorological Science Research Institute of Qinghai Province Agricultural Meteorological Service Center Director Yan Liangdong introduction, since the spring, Qinghai Province in eastern agricultural area of over temperature is high, less precipitation. The drought delayed the development of crops in most areas. The precipitation is conducive to ease the drought, agricultural production has a favorable impact.

at the same time, this also let the rain in Xining Fifth People’s Hospital of Qinghai Province, director of the Department of respiratory medicine Li Jin Baosong breath. Department where he has started for extra treatment, patients with respiratory diseases, if it doesn’t rain, suffering from respiratory tract diseases will increase. Li Jinbao said: "the rain since the spring, can effectively purify City air, increase air humidity, increase the negative oxygen ions in the air, dust, catkins, less, the patient can be relieved, but can reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases." (author: Wei Jinyu)


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