Strengthen traffic management services urged school bus safety operation

according to the municipal Party committee and municipal government arrangements, Xining city traffic bureau from the actual traffic, how to play the advantages of the transportation industry, to ensure the safe operation of the school bus held a special meeting to study the deployment of specific work.

is transferred to the transport department, bureau of city yunguanchu backbone, attend the city bus management joint inspection group, conscientiously perform their duties, to complete the inspection task of governance. Requirements of Transportation inspectors to pay attention to the operational status of school bus in the normal law enforcement inspection, timely find and stop bus illegal operation.

two is a public transport, passenger lines, the taxi industry as the focus, immediately organized to carry out special education activities, requirements of driving personnel to strengthen the safety consciousness, strictly abide by traffic rules, driving fatigue, active comity especially focused on bus, road, time of the students, must be able to control the speed, pay attention to the traffic signal obey the traffic police command.

three is characterized by a wide range of taxi mobility, requiring the majority of taxi operators concerned about the operation of the school bus, found irregularities, to be reported in a timely manner. At the same time, through the taxi LED dome for caring life, courtesy school bus charity, to create a school bus safety atmosphere.

four is the city’s bus, immediately check class line of passenger, car rental industry, the key is whether the company undertake as a tourist passenger bus car, car rental business, once discovered resolutely stopped, and submitted to the city school bus management joint inspection group.




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