Qinghai medical workers mutual protection scheme officially launched nearly 300 thousand employees t

June 30th, when Ma Shunqing, Cao Hong, and so on, the leadership of the province together to press the start of the ball, the provincial medical staff mutual protection plan officially launched in Qinghai.


staff hospital medical mutual protection of trade union organization to mobilize the masses of workers to carry forward the spirit of solidarity, mutual help, by means of economic and effective way of helping workers to get sick in hospital, get some subsidies in the enjoyment of basic medical insurance and other benefits, the important guarantee system and the activities of patients hospitalized to further reduce the economic burden of individual workers. Mutual protection of medical workers have a tiny bit of commercial color and profit to pay workers mutual protection a dime for all employees in need of help.

the first phase of the first phase of the mutual protection scheme for the medical assistance of the workers in the province will be one year, starting in July 1, 2016 and ending in June 30, 2017. In the first phase of the activities of workers need to pay mutual gold 100 yuan. Meet the conditions to participate in the activities of the first phase has workers filing difficulties mutual payments can be paid by helping poor workers funds. According to the person in charge of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, through careful organization of trade union organizations at all levels and the vast majority of trade union cadres and joint efforts, as of June 29th, to participate in the mutual protection of medical workers in the first phase of the project activities of the staff of nearly 300 thousand people, currently the work is still in progress.

it is understood that the staff basic medical insurance for urban workers who have participated in the administrative area of Qinghai Province State organs, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, private non enterprise units, required to pay workers hospital mutual benefits, both by the trade union in the unified organization. Units that have not yet established trade unions shall be unified by the employees of the regional and trade union organizations.

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How to calculate the mutual aid treatment:

According to the

of hospitalization occurred, in the enjoyment of basic medical insurance, medical insurance, supplementary medical insurance and medical assistance for pay part of the encounter after (not including medical expenses, by way of self) calculated, the cumulative pay subsidies. Specifically:

(a) more than 300 yuan to $10000 (including 10000 yuan) of the part of the grant of 40%;

(two) $10001 to $100000 (including $100000) of the part, grant 70%;

(three) $100001 to $200000 (including $200000) of the part, grant 100%;

(four) more than 200000 yuan, no longer grant.

admission and discharge time in mutual insurance period, mutual insurance subsidies by mutual insurance within the period of actual hospitalization costs incurred during the mutual calculation, not subsidies.

mutual insurance period occurred many times in the hospital, only deduct a subsidy starting point, repeated hospitalization expenses accumulated subsidies, but subsidies subsidies do not repeat reimbursement;

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