Suggestions for the development of the city’s reform and development

The afternoon of November 11th, Xining City, people outside the party will hold a briefing, informed the special Municipal United Front Work Conference, let non party people grasp the spirit of the meeting, the municipal Party committee jointly implement the relevant requirements, cohesion and strength, promote the development of. Su Rong, deputy secretary of the United Front Work Department presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

, we study and implement, implement the municipal united front work conference spirit, Su Rong pointed out that the democratic parties, non partisan, non-public economic and religious circles to study and implement the spirit of the meeting of the United Front Work Committee as an important task of the current and future periods, earnestly do well, reinforcement learning, clear objectives, the working conference of United Front Thought and action into the party spirit. To further study the spirit of the meeting, adhere to the correct processing consistency and diversity principle, in accordance with the China socialist political party requirements, strengthen democratic ideology, organization system, especially the construction of leadership, and constantly improve the ability to grasp the political, political ability, cooperation ability and ability to solve their own problems.

Su Rong, the democratic parties, non partisan, non-public economy and religious people to implement the spirit of the municipal Party Committee United Front Work Conference for the new starting point, high standard, high level of performance, based on the actual, active as, around the municipal government center to offer intellectual output, for a contribution to the city’s reform and development and continue to promote the implementation of The Belt and Road "and" the four overall strategic layout in Xining. Give full play to the advantages, actively serve well the city’s overall economic and social development; take measures to form the United Front to participate in poverty alleviation and a powerful force in the development of battle; give full play to the role of the democratic parties and the Federation and the Federation, Taiwan, Overseas Friendship Association and other groups in the overseas united front work, and take the initiative to strengthen Hong Kong and Macao, overseas Chinese Association overseas Chinese and economically developed areas, through multiple channels, effectively promote the exchanges and cooperation between economy and culture, I strive to expand the coverage and influence of the foreign exchange; give full play to the United front great unity and coordination, to resolve the contradiction between the functions and advantages, to create a stable and harmonious social environment to promote the economic and social development.


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