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has a Communist Party, the more I think the more people miss – a simple discourse, a moving story, a moving music…… Actually, simple without China, but quietly touched your heart to your soul, cause you deep sympathy, reap your full touch, ignite the passion in your heart, close to your deepest dreams, inspire you to stream power.

who is this communist? What kind of simple words? What kind of moving story? What is the spectrum of moving music?

his name is tip, his simple words is "for the people", his moving story is "for the people", his moving music is "for the people".

pointed measures, male, Tibetan, was born on a farm in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Xinghai County Kangtou, rooted in pastoral area since the age of 23.

if the life is compared to a section of the ideal realization of the course, the tip of the choice to play with to honor their lives. Love him in that piece of land, the once shy of the Tibetan students, with dedication and perseverance to complete their growth, from the Henan Mongolian Autonomous County, stipules Township deputy mayor and party secretary, director, director of the county people’s Congress to the government office of the county office, and then to the youganning town party secretary and chairman, chairman of the National People’s Congress group, the county Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of the United Front, in 24 years, he always ideals and faith, keep in mind the purpose of the party, loyal to the party’s cause, in close contact with the masses, to promote national unity, maintaining social stability, has made outstanding contributions to protect and improve people’s livelihood, by local people as the "pure Mongolian flag".

for the people, will be respected by the people. December 4, 2015, due to overwork, sudden myocardial infarction, sharp measures always fall on the job, only 47 years old. December 6th, friends, colleagues, herdsmen, folks…… Hundreds of kilometers from the earth to Xining Regong funeral home, or bowed, or crying, just as the farewell — a chastity of the cadres, a respectable member, a herdsman praised this last good – cheng.

Han philosopher Wang Fu in QianfuLun "said:" the adult Chinese gentleman pragmatic ", meaning the superior man does not desire vanity, not civilized person look impressive but lack real worth; pay attention to the actual, practical. This is the pointed measures, he worked hard, practical officer, the courage to play, dare to innovate, one rooted in the masses, wholeheartedly in the work, for decades on their posts, silently, all their dedication to the second hometown Henan grasslands, with practical action interpretation of the connotation of a member of the Communist party.

The reason why the

tip is moving, the most important point, as the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng said, is that he has always maintained a natural connection with the people". In September 14th, the provincial Party committee issued "on the posthumous pointed measures comrade" the province’s outstanding communist party member "title and carry out learning activities to the comrades pointed measures decision", called on Party members to learn from Comrade tip.


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