Sea Lake District will become a new industrial agglomeration area pulling the western economic highl

Xining Lake New Area since the start of construction, concern. Newly built area of nearly 10 square kilometers, the current population of up to 80 thousand people. In February this year, the implementation of territorial management of the new Lake District social management, transferred to the West District of Xining city. May 5th, the reporter learned from the West District, West District will strive to create a new area of sea lake district gathered into emerging industries, has become a new bright spot of economic development in the west.

at present, Sea Lake District, city infrastructure management is lagging behind, although this area of work is on the west of great challenges, but also for the West Zone to speed up industrial restructuring, a huge space for the development of emerging industries. The west area of the lake district will improve the social management and service level, to actively grasp the new city sanitation cleaning, greening, municipal management, combined with the current development of the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action, focus of attention of the masses, good waste management, timely cleaning health corner, improve District livable level. Civil affairs, construction and other departments will speed up the construction work site district two neighborhood offices and community neighborhood committee, strive to put into operation, continuously strengthen the comprehensive service function of new infrastructure, to provide efficient and convenient service for new residents and businesses.

at the same time, will strengthen the layout of the new industrial layout. The relevant departments will carry out in-depth research, combined with the actual area, high starting point, high standard of planning and layout of industrial development, and actively guide the city to extend the function of the Lake District, to Wanda Plaza and the new Hualian square as the core, and actively build the lake center business complex. In addition, it will make full use of the Qinghai Grand Theater, science and Technology Museum, Lake Sports Center and other platforms, the positive development of cultural, cultural and creative industries, vigorously promote the new Hualian Sofitel Wanda Wah, five star hotel construction, focus on the development of conference and exhibition economy, and strive to build the new Lake area into emerging industry gathering area, has become a new bright spot driving the western economic development.


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