Small scale enterprises and other issues restricting the development of some of the service industry

February 8th, according to a sample survey, the development level of service industry in Xining city in 2009 has been further improved, but the current industry small scale, short life cycle, the development of the outstanding problems restricting the low profit level part of the service industry in our city to grow.

2009 Statistics Department of the city of loading and unloading and other transport services, warehousing, computer services, residential services and other services, sports and entertainment service industry 11 sample survey showed that the overall size of the city’s service industry to further expand the scale expansion of enterprises greatly: tourism, handling and other transport services, software industry, scientific and technological exchanges and services.

The 2008

survey department, 281 companies all normal business, but again in December 2009 survey, some enterprises have already closed, stop and transfer, the demise of enterprises reached 74, accounting for 26.33% of the total sample survey. The main reason for the disappearance of the large proportion of enterprises is that the size of the majority of enterprises in the service sector is small, the market competitiveness is weak, and the survival time is short.


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